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Trailer Tongue Weight Scale- Why Is It Important To Get One

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How Important Is Tongue Weight?

Trailer Tongue Weight Scales assist in keeping your trailer weight at an acceptable level. Proper tongue weight is important to improve the towing experience of any trailer or vehicle through perfection in performance. If the tongue weight is not enough on the tow or hitch ball, it can cause the trailer to sway from side to side, thus making it difficult to control. On the contrary, too much tongue weight can overload the back tires of the towing vehicle, which can lead to mishandling of the vehicle.

Without a proper tongue weight, the performance is compromised, as your trailer might not be able to reach around the corners and curves effectively. Your vehicle may also not stop quickly when you push the pedal brakes.


The 3 Best Trailer Tongue Weight Scales 2020


Sherline LM 1000 – Trailer Tongue Weight Scale

This trailer tongue weight scale is designed and manufactured so the users can easily obtain a proper tongue weight on their trailers. With Sherline LM 1000, you can be sure that your trailer is ready to tow safely before heading out to the highway.

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Let us discuss some of the main features and properties of this product:

  • To provide maximum accuracy, this weight scale features a gauge that places the final measurements approximately in the middle.
  • The gauge can read up to 1000 pounds per 460kg weight capacity.
    It can read measurements at every 100 pounds and has a mark every 20 pounds. The user can also use the scale to read measurements in kilograms within the inner gauge ring.
  • It uses a hydraulic principle to change pressure readings into pound readings.
  • The construction includes aluminum and solid billet steel.
  • There are no delicate electronics or batteries but only a single moving part.
  • The scale has a 3.2-inch body diameter that is around 4.5 inch high minus the included screw-on hitch extension.
  • The actual weight of the scale is 4.4 pounds, and the gauge diameter is 2.7 inches, so very lightweight and compact.
  • It is available with gauge readings to 1000 pounds, 2000 pounds, and 5000 pounds, which is particularly for 5th wheel trailers that carry a massive percentage of the weight on the gooseneck.

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Haul Gauge

Appropriate set-up when towing/hauling demands proper consideration of tongue weight and trailer weight.

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Obtaining these measurements in the past was quite difficult. However, with Haul Gauge, you can get proper haul/tow readings to avoid the guesswork. This scale makes work easy and quick and can be used while the user is doing his normal routine setup.

With a haul gauge, you can have confidence and peace of mind while knowing what you are about to tow.

  • This trailer tongue weight scale can accurately measure tongue weight, payload, pin weight, and gross combined weight (GCW) in real-time via an OBD II connector.
  • The OBD II connector can communicate wirelessly through Bluetooth with the help of an app on a smartphone.
  • The measured GCW with haul gauge includes cargo, vehicle, trailers, and passengers. It can display the weight within seconds of driving and saves you a great deal of time and money.
  • It helps keep the tongue weight within the limitations and capacities of your vehicle and its hitch.
  • You can easily compare the tongue weight to the trailer weight and make sure that the trailer is loaded properly.
  • It is an effective choice to see how the payload is changing in real-time to avoid exceeding the payload limits of the vehicle. You can also use this payload to estimate the load charges as well.
  • Haul gauge also helps you adjust cargo positioning for a much safer ride than any other product on the market.
  • Here, the weight distribution hitch is properly arranged for the user’s satisfaction and peace of mind.
  • The gross combined weight is determined through acceleration and drive-force. There is a torque converter slip to measure the drive-force when the trailer takes off.
  • The accelerometer present over the scale measures how fast the vehicle can take off with load on it.

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Sherline (LM5) 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Weight Scale

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The manufacturers have constructed and launched this scale for all of their users with fifth-wheel trailers. This scale is an advanced and modified style of the original trailer tongue weight scale by the company.

But why is it one of the best tongue weight scales out there?

  • The scale is specially designed for a convenient attachment to all the 5th wheel trailers in the world.
  • It consists of an updated piston to fit the average 2-3/16-inches diameter kingpin and the locating pin for the hitches that accept this standard.
  • Sherline (LM5) works on a simple hydraulic principle to change pressure into the readings in kilograms and pounds over the gauge.
  • There are no delicate batteries or other types of electronics involved.
  • It features a 5000 pounds gauge because 5th wheel trailers usually carry more percentage of the weight on the hitch.
  • Constructive of strong and durable aluminum and billet steel: the body diameter and piston measure 3.25 inch.
  • The aluminum base is 6 inch square by the 1-inch thickness and 6-inch height.
  • The gauge diameter is around 2.7 inches, and the overall weight of the scale is 11 pounds.
  • Every gauge in the scale features a dual scale gauge that can read the measurements in pounds (on the outside of the ring) and kilograms (corresponding to the inside of the ring).

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How Do I Know The Tongue Weight Of My Trailer?

There are several ways that you can use to know the tongue weight of your trailer. You can use:

Trailer Tongue weight scales– They are the easiest way to measure the tongue weight of any vehicle. Many weight scales are available in the market that you can easily use to measure tongue weight along with gross combined weight, pin weight, and even payload.

Bathroom scale– For small trailer owners, using a bathroom scale to measure tongue weight is a good option. They just have to put the coupler of the trailer over the scale at an average towing height and find out the readings.

Commercial-scale– You can also take your trailer along with your tow vehicle to a truck shop scale or material supply center.


Can You Exceed Tongue Weight?

Most of the trailer manufacturers suggest 10-15 percent of total tongue weight, but it is ok to have a little more tongue weight than not having enough. However, when you exceed the tongue weight, you can transfer the weight to the tow vehicle that may overload the rear axle and lead to a light steering condition.

Therefore, it is better if you set this up beforehand within your hitch arrangement and increase the weight distribution bars to adjust the weight in the front vehicles.


What Happens If Tongue Weight Is Too Heavy?

If the tongue weight is too heavy, it can affect the steering of the tow vehicle. If you accidentally increase the tongue weight of the trailer, it may go over to the rear axle GAWR (gross axle weight rating) and the total payload. This can raise serious safety concerns. If it happens, the axle spring may compress fully, and the truck may start swaying in a side-to-side manner.

Also, the extra sag may point to the front of your truck in the air, which will compromise the braking and steering ability of the trailer. Your ride will become extremely uncomfortable, and you might not be able to handle the situation sensibly.


How Do I Reduce The Tongue Weight Of My Trailer?

You can adjust or reduce the tongue weight of a loaded trailer by modifying the position of the riding mower and other articles over it. If your trailer is long, you can keep the mower further away from the trailer tongue and reduce tongue weight to some degree.

You can also use weight distribution systems to shift some of the tongue weight on the tow vehicle’s front axle. It will help you keep the vehicle and trailer at a level and decrease the sag in the rear end of your tow vehicle.


Do Weight Distribution Hitch Reduce Tongue Weight?

Weight distribution hitch only works to distribute the trailer’s tongue weight to the front axle of your tow vehicle so that it can sit more level and better.

The system, under no circumstance, can reduce the tongue weight or allow you to tow the vehicle beyond the abilities of the vehicle. The tension or force on the spring bars fundamentally increases on the tongue while holding/keeping a certain amount of tongue weight. It may cause a sudden shift in the distribution of the load off the back axle of the vehicle within the entire arrangement.

However, there is a subsequent high capacity for the hitch if the weight distribution system is being utilized. You must do some research to find out that capacity and make sure that the loaded tongue weight is unable to surpass the limits if you are about to install a weight-distribution hitch.



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