A Trailer Tongue Toolbox can give you the needed extra storage capacity.

If you are an RVer and your lifestyle has you constantly traveling down the road for extended periods, you need to make sure you are prepared for emergencies.

You need to consider getting a dedicated trailer tongue toolbox for your trailer’s storage. And no, this doesn’t mean something similar to the small toolbox you carry. We mean trailer tongue toolbox explicitly designed to keep your gear safe and help you stay organized.

What is a Trailer Tongue Toolbox?
A trailer tongue toolbox is a much larger storage box for your tools, gear, and other essentials you might need on the road that are mounted to your A-frame or straight-tongue trailers. They help by providing weather-tight storage, security, and reliability and give you hands-on access to the tools you need. But then again, why should you buy one if you have got your conventional toolbox in tow?

What Benefits Do You Get With Trailer Tongue Toolboxes?
The first benefit is very apparent; the storage they provide. Your smaller-sized toolbars are helpful, but a larger trailer box will help you store more gear, even the tools you think you might need on the road. It’s always better to use the extra storage space you have to stock up on tools, without which you might end up stranded in the middle of the road for hours.

Also, with a storage box carrying all your essentials on hand, you will never catch yourself forgetting something. Plus, they keep your tools far more organized, safe and secure. Your gear will be safely stored away so they do not degrade from rain, snow, humidity, or heat, which is a huge bonus.

Now, if you happen to purchase a trailer tongue toolbox, there are some factors you need to consider.
Factors You Need To Consider When Buying a Trailer Tongue Toolbox

SIZE MATTERS: First, consider the size and space requirements of the trailer toolbox. Your preferred trailer tongue toolbox must be able to fit the A-frame or the trailer tongue perfectly.

MOUNTING POSITION: Also, consider the position of the trailer toolbox. You could mount it on top of the trailer tongue, or underneath it, perhaps to the side of your trailer. Find which position is better suited to the trailer you will be driving and a position that makes your toolbox easier to access when required.

MATERIAL: Next, consider the materials you want your trailer box to be constructed of. Your toolbox will, after all, be exposed to the elements, so you want a sturdy material that doesn’t bend or dent easily and of durable materials. Most trailer toolboxes you will find today are built from Aluminum, a sturdy yet light material perfect for larger storage boxes. Stainless steel is also widely used if you want something more corrosive-resistant.

Don’t FORGET THE DESIGN: Finally, you need to consider the design of your trailer tongue toolbox. You must choose a design that is convenient for you to work with. A double-door one or a single-door one? Perhaps one with a gull-wind lid? Double door toolboxes will be easier to carry around tools larger in length; single door toolboxes might be easier to open if you usually work in a rush.

All in all, your trailer tongue toolbox needs to assist you and provides you with durability, steadiness, safety, and organization.

If you are still unsure what trailer toolbox might be the right fit for you, consider choosing from the top ten trailer tongue toolboxes listed below!


1. ARKSEN 33″ Diamond Plate Aluminum Trailer Tongue Toolbox Storage Organizer With Lock Key, Silver

ARKSEN 33" Diamond Plate Aluminum Trailer Tongue Box Pickup Truck Tool Box Storage Organizer With Lock Key, SilverThe 33″ Tongue Tool Box is designed to save space and provide extra storage under your truck bed. This toolbox is constructed of textured Aluminum for maximum durability. The door includes a weather-resistant seal for keeping your tools and items dry and safe.

Also Available in:

ARKSEN 29″ Diamond Plate Aluminum Trailer Tongue Box
ARKSEN 39″ Diamond Plate Aluminum Trailer Tongue Box

Product Reviews:

You can’t beat the price. It arrived on time and in good condition. Duplicate keys are hard to have made and can only be made at full-service locksmiths. Ensure you put weather strips inside the lid to keep everything dry at highway speeds.

This storage box is Very nice had to adjust the latch a bit as you would most any. I am going to like this very much.

Nice looking, the Box hinges and Brackets to the lift are fragile. The hinges bend easily. The entire box Needs to be reinforced.

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2. MAXXHAUL 50218 Aluminum A-Frame Trailer Toolbox

The MaxxHaul 50218 A-Tongue Toolboxox is designed to mount on trailers with an A-frame tongue to provide extra storage for different tools and is made from durable, corrosion-resistant, light in weight with fully welded seam construction.

The Diamond plate pattern provides added strength and helps keeps its shape, and provides durability. It features a gas strut to assist in opening the lid, holding it in place, and soft closing.

The box measures 29″ long x 18″ tall x 17″ wide with a 15″ long front—locking lid with two keys and a conveniently placed recessed latch. A backed hinged is installed so the lid can open even when mounted directly against the trailer. Never forget a tool or gear when you need them.

Product Reviews:

I ended up going with this tongue box simply because it was the deepest one I could find without breaking the bank, and it matched the diamond siding. I’m glad I did. It’s pretty sturdy (Aluminum), lockable, weatherproof, and easy to install.

The metal is skinny, and the bottom is not rigid, so I cut a piece of plywood to fit in the bottom to put the stuff on top so it wouldn’t dent and ding.

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3. UWS EC20411 34-Inch Heavy-Wall Aluminum Trailer Tongue Box with Low Profile, RigidCore Lid

UWS trailer tongue tool boxesUWS trailer tongue toolboxes provide unbeatable storage and security for your items wherever you tow your trailer. Each box features corrosion-resistant aluminum construction, a stainless steel locking system, and a patented rigid core foam-filled lid to keep your equipment and valuables safe, well-organized, and easily accessible whenever needed. This trailer toolbox can be mounted on a straight-tongue or A-frame trailer. The tub is welded into a single piece for weather resistance and easily holds heavy tools and other items. 

Product Reviews:

This box is well made, but the deck plate is very thin. I cut a plywood bottom for the box, as others recommended. Very expensive for what it is. I’ve had much heavier plate boxes for half the cost. I like it but wish it was made from a heavier plate and half the cost.

It’s well built. The lid is more reinforced than the rest of the box, but I understand why. I would have preferred the whole box to be the same thickness. The hydraulics and lock etc., work and are good quality also. This is a good product, and I would buy it again. I have had this since late May. It still looks great with no fading or other problems. This sits out in the sun and elements each day. It is mounted on a 10′ aluminum ATV trailer. I STILL would buy another.

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4. Lund 6120 16-Inch Aluminum Trailer Tongue Truck Box, Diamond Plated, Silver

The Lund 6120 16-Inch Aluminum Trailer Tongue Truck Box is ideal for storing a boat, RV, motorcycle, and snowmobile accessories. This box will fit on most trucks. The  Aluminum diamond-tread finish withstands unimaginable beatings and will still look clean and scratch-less while protecting against water and rust.

An electrostatically applied finish and Ethafoam mounting strips protect against abrasions and scratching. This box has a one-piece, no-sag construction and compact, out-of-the-way design with a notched lid and secure locking mechanism.

Trailer tongue boxes are an excellent solution for adding extra secure storage while not compromising your view of the road or the clean look of your vehicle.

This product measures 16-inches (L) by 21-inches (W) by 18-inches (H). Backed by 30 years of experience and the Lund brand, the Lund 6120 16-Inch Aluminum Trailer Tongue Truck Box comes with a lifetime limited warranty that protects against manufacturing and quality defects.

Product Reviews:

 I bought this item not knowing that the lid does not open 90 degrees. Which is a real bummer cause the box is pretty nice. The Aluminum is a little thin but sturdy. The locking mech is well made too. Very tight and precise. The self-opening gas cylinders are fantastic too. However, since the box lid does not open 90 degrees, and I found a small dent on the rear, I will return it. You could probably modify it to have the lid open 90 degrees, but other trailer tongue boxes have lids that open 90 degrees.

This toolbox fits perfectly on the tongue of my camper, and it turned out to be much bigger than expected, which is excellent! The metal it’s fabricated from is on the thin side (it came dented during shipping), but I feel it’s sturdy enough for the job. I’m not keen that the hinge is connected to the box with rivets. The rivets are starting to loosen; it’s something I can fix, but overall I am happy with my purchase!

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5. UWS EC20431 49-Inch Heavy-Wall Aluminum Trailer Box, RigidCore Lid

TRAILER TONGUE MOUNT. This trailer toolbox is uniquely built to mount onto the trailer’s tongue and securely store locks, wheel chocks, electrical equipment, straps, and other accessories. The Trailer toolbox measures ‎23 x 54 x 26 inches, And Weights 36 lbs.

RIGIDCORE LID. This trailer box is built for maximum lid strength and security with patented RigidCore technology. The lid is filled with a solid foam that maximizes structural integrity and helps prevent binding.
EXTRA-THICK ALUMINUM. UWS aluminum toolboxes are constructed with thicker aluminum than most aluminum toolboxes for superior strength. This trailer tongue toolbox features a one-piece tub made from welded 0.058-inch Aluminum.
STAINLESS STEEL HANDLE. Despite the elements, this trailer storage box has a stainless steel locking handle for dependable security and long-lasting operation.

EASY TO INSTALL. UWS trailer tongue storage boxes are available in different sizes and finishes to accommodate a variety of trailers and preferences. This trailer box is intended to mount on an A-frame trailer (mounting hardware not included)

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6. Delta 410000D Trailer Tongue Box, 48.”

Make use of that wasted space on your trailer tongue. Carry tools, repair items, or anything you need when towing, and keep secure and dry. Delta Aluminum Trailer Tongue Boxes provide superior security and weather-tight storage for tools and accessories. A deeply recessed hinge allows the box to open when mounted against a rail or trailer wall fully. 

Product Reviews:

The box is a perfect size, but the material is fragile and does not have any mounting hardware. I had Ubolts made to length, and I cut and water-sealed 3/4 inch plywood to fit inside at the bottom. I put Ubolts over frame rails from the bottom through the plywood. Then a 3/4 inch rubber mat with holes cut through to accommodate washers and nuts. I used 3/4 plywood, so I didn’t have stuff through the thin bottom of the box.

I can’t entirely agree with the reviews that this is a flimsy toolbox. I wouldn’t jump on it, but I did try standing on it with my feet near the edges, and there was no deflection. It will flex more than a steel toolbox but weighs 40% less. It is super lightweight, so maybe that is why people feel it is not solid. Once I bolted it down to my trailer and put some stuff in it, it felt substantial. Now I put a 1/2″ piece of plywood in the bottom for a slight extra floor stiffness. The floor does have reinforcement along the front and the back. The dimensions are spot on. It is 48″ wide, max depth is 18″ (Front to Back), maybe 18.125″ if you consider the diamond plating topography. The height is 20.5″. 

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7. UWS EC20422 34-Inch Gloss Black Heavy-Wall Aluminum Trailer Tongue Tool Box with Low Profile, RigidCore Lid

Product Reviews:

I should have purchased this box from the beginning. Trying to be cheap, I originally purchased a trailer tongue box from Harbor Freight. While it was made good, it was super heavy. I have a terrible shoulder, and it simply made the tongue of my Big Tex trailer too heavy to lift.

The box is built pretty well, but the first trip I made on a gravel road got all my stuff inside all dirty. I may need to find a way to upgrade the seal for the cover.

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8. UWS EC20442 49-Inch Gloss Black Heavy-Wall Aluminum Trailer Tongue Storage Box, RigidCore Lid

Product Reviews:

I’m torn. First of all, it is lightweight, and I appreciate that since it’s now mounted to the tongue of my 24′ aluminum race trailer… however, the locking mechanism is chancy at best, and there is no way I trust leaving anything locked in there with the latch – lock set up. Most def would benefit from an aftermarket lock setup. The price seems outrageous for what showed up.

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9. waltyotur 30 Trailer Tongue Tool Box Diamond Tread Aluminum Heavy Duty Truck Pick Up Underbody Storage Organizer Weather Resistant Seal Planks w/Keys

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10 Buyers Products 1701680 Black Poly Trailer Tongue Truck Box, 36 inches

Buyers Products Trailer Tongue Boxes fit on the tongue of one of the most utility trailers to store tools, tie-downs, towing items, wheel chocks, safety gear, and other vital accessories. Trailer tongue boxes offer easily accessible, safe, and secure gear storage. The Buyers Products line of trailer tongue boxes features a back-to-front tapered design to maximize trailer mobility and aerodynamics.

Product Reviews:

I quickly discovered I needed a tool storage box mounted on the tongue for all accessories traveling with a trailer. I ordered this box from Amazon because the dimensions seemed to be such that it would fit the trailer tongue very well. When it arrived, and I had the chance to install it, the tongue fit was perfect. The only downside is that I wished they had made the box thicker; it seems to be a bit “lightweight” as far as thickness. 

Perfectly holds four lifevests, an 8lb anchor, rope, canoe dolly, several dry bags, and towing and hitch tools. Very happy with this purchase. Lighter than metal boxes and much cheaper. I can’t speak to the durability yet, but it’s been through 3 camping trips this year without a scratch.

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