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Tire Pressure Monitoring System For Your RV.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System For Your RVHaving an RV for spontaneous adventures is an excellent investment for anyone who lives for adrenaline rushes and thrilling trips. RV vacations allow a significant degree of flexibility and prevent planning and scheduling from taking the fun out of an exciting holiday.

You get to enjoy every minute of your time rather than wasting it at airports and train stations. It is cheaper, exhilarating, and you can make all the decisions on the spot!

Although RVs are not precisely complicated machinery, they still need periodic maintenance checks to ensure smoothing operation. As an RV owner, you need to make sure that its tires are in good shape.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System is what you need to help you with that. But before you spend your hard-earned money on a TPMS, you need to do your research and learn about it. Research is indeed the key to a wise purchasing decision, and we are here to help you with that.


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EEZTire-TPMS6 Real Time/24×7 Tire Pressure Monitoring System (The Best)

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 SYKIK-TPMS Real-Time Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Good)


What is a tire pressure monitoring system – RV TPMS? 

A new RV owner may wonder what exactly a tire pressure monitoring system is and why I need it? A Tire Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS is a handy little device to monitor the tire pressure of your RV’s tires and notifies you if any problem occurs.

While cars are manufactured and retailed with pre-installed TPMS due to mandatory regulations, your precious RV does not fall under these regulations and is not factory-installed with a TPMS. If you want to lower the risk of an unforeseen tire blowout devastating your road trip, getting a TPMS is a brilliant way to do it. A RV TPMS makes your vacation safer for you, your family, and other drivers around you.



How does the tire pressure monitoring system work? 

There are two types of tire pressure monitoring systems for RVs. An indirect TPMS and a direct TPMS. An Indirect TPMS monitors the speed of your wheels and records tire pressure with the help of your RV’s Antilock Braking System.

If one of your RV tires has low pressure, it will roll at a different speed compared to the tires. When the TPMS records this information, it alerts your vehicle’s computer system and triggers an alert on the dashboard indicator. In simpler words, an indirect TPMS sensor does not measure the tire pressures; instead, it observes the speed at which your tires rotate and notifies your computer system.

They are more cost-effective than direct TPMS, but they also call for lesser maintenance and fairly straight-forward installation. An indirect TPMS may show inaccurate results or become undependable once all your tires become evenly depreciated.

Direct TPMS is substantially different from an indirect one. It monitors tire pressure by acquiring assistance from smart TPMS sensors placed directly inside each of your RV’s tires rather than just recording tire speed information from your ABS.

Direct TPMS comes equipped with tire temperature monitoring sensors that study the temperature readings of each tire. If a direct TPMS detects a pressure reading of 25% lower than the recommended level, it sends an alert to your dashboard indicator.

Direct TPMS give out the most accurate readings, their sensor batteries last for several years, and are they easier to resynchronize once you replace your tires. However, direct TPMS are relatively costly, entail a complicated installation process, and once the sensors run out of batteries, they may need replacing.


Are tire pressure monitoring systems worth it? 

Underinflated tires are always a nuisance. But when you are on vacation, it is an enormous hassle. Rather than finding yourself in the middle of nowhere with an underinflated tire, you can make sure that you can take advantage of a TPMS always to be aware of your tire pressure.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems are indeed a must-have for any RV. These remarkable gadgets ensure safe trips and make it effortless to know whenever your tires are low on pressure. When a TPMS alerts you by your dashboard indicator, it makes you immediately aware of your tire pressure so that you can take action to prevent underinflated tires.

If your tires are left unchecked, it can quickly deteriorate the condition of your tires as well as an unexpected blowout. No one wants that. It is much cheaper to invest in TPMS for constant monitoring instead of spending money on repairs or replacements.

If you conduct thorough research and become knowledgeable of different tire pressure monitoring systems, you can find suitable TPMS for your RV, which will surely prove to be an investment worth your while.


How accurate are tire pressure monitoring systems? 


It is recommended that you carry out a regular manual check on tire pressure for utmost safety because TPMS is mainly designed to alert you whenever there is a sudden leak or a puncture.


Does TPMS need to be replaced? 

There is no legal requirement to replace TPMS after a certain period or when faulty and out of batteries. However, it is in your best interest to make a wise decision regarding TPMS replacement that ensures your safety.

Tire Pressure Systems have sensors with built-in batteries that usually last for 5-10 years. Since these batteries are integrated and cannot be removed, once the sensor runs out of batteries, it is highly likely that you will need to replace the entire sensor. If your TPMS endure any physical damage, replacement may be required.

You do not need to change your tire pressure monitoring system every time you change your tires. If you buy new tires, your TPMS need reconfiguring to work with them. TPMS have reset buttons on them that you can use to reboot the system. You may have to service your TPMS sensors when replacing the tires. Your mechanic can do it by putting in new protective caps, valve core, nut, and seals or repairing the existing one to ensure swift functioning.


What is the best tire pressure monitoring system? 

If you are a new RV owner looking for a suitable tire pressure but are confused by the market flooded with a multitude of choices, worry no more! We are here to help you make this decision. Here are the top 3 options of tire pressure monitoring systems for you to choose from and make a decision you will never regret!


Tire Monitoring Systems. 

EEZTire-TPMS6 Real Time/24×7 Tire Pressure Monitoring System (The Best) 

If you have a massive RV and need a sturdy tire pressure monitoring system, the EEZ TPMS is what you need. This popular RV TPMS is brilliantly capable of monitoring up to 26 tires at the same time!

Manufactured by EEZ RV products, known for their durability, it comes with a variety of features. It has six anti-theft sensors to keep your beloved RV safe and secure from the wrath of thieves, and it can manage air pressure of up to 210 psi, setting it apart from its competition.

With an amazingly accurate reading and one of the most advanced alert systems that send an audio and visual alert, the EEZ TPMS is, for sure, an epitome of excellence. Its increasingly impressive performance, coupled with a power-saving mode that assists in conserving its battery life when your RV is idle, makes it worth its cost.

It’s relatively sizable LCD screen lets you read it with ease, and the sensors with replaceable batteries make sure you do not have to purchase a new sensor every few years.

Straight-forward setup, motion-sensors that shut-down the TPMS after 15 minutes of inactivity, and flow-through sensors; the EEZ Tire TPMS has got it all! You can also program it to send a custom alarm for high and low pressure.

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TireTraker TT-600/4 Wheel Tire Monitoring System (Better)

With a surprising Life Time Warranty and a user-friendly interface, the Tire Tracker 600/ 4 Wheel Tire Monitoring System is perhaps one of the most economical TPMS in the market. It gives a highly accurate pressure and temperature reading and measures up to 232 psi.

It comes with multiple display monitors that you can place on your dashboard and windows to stay up-to-date. This exceptionally advanced and innovative gadget features a 12 Volt signal booster that enables outstanding reception in all climates and conditions.

You get an audio and visual alert whenever pressure decreases or increases your temperature to help you take immediate action. This phenomenal contraption includes four wireless Tire Pressure Sensors with replaceable batteries, sensor locks, and an anti-seize compound. Its distinguished sensors send instant RF coded alerts on display monitors for your utmost convenience.

If you own a small 4-wheel RV and want a TPMS that will not empty your wallet, the TireTraker TT-600 Wheel Monitoring System is the ideal choice for you.

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 SYKIK-TPMS Real-Time Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Good) 

Are you in the market for a flexible yet cost-effective TPMS with amazing real-time performance? Look no more! The SYKIK-TPMS has got you covered. This sensational wireless TPMS with the ability to monitor up to 22 tires. This TPMS can handle an air pressure of up to 225 psi, making it an excellent tool to ensure the safety of you and your RV tires.

With its unique antennas, it eliminates interference from any other source and sends out an instant alert to notify you before your tire reaches its lower air pressure limit.

It comes with a dual power monitor that functions with a rechargeable battery or with a cigarette lighter adapter that you can quickly fix in your RV.

Explicitly designed for heavier vehicles, this amazing TPMS is simple to install and effortless to use. You can program it according to your RV’s recommended air pressure levels and prepare to be impressed by its astounding features. Whether it is the heavy-duty, well-built, waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof sensors, long-lasting batteries, or its multi-colored monitor, SYKIK-TPMS Real-Time Tire Pressure Monitoring System never ceases to amaze its users!

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