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RV Water Filters: The Best solution to purify the water

RV Water FilterThe RV water filters are the safest and the most convenient option when it comes to purifying your water for any recreational activity like gardening, camping, or even to use it as a drinking water. Water is a blessing, indeed but using it safely and filtering it before use is the most appropriate idea because the line water may contain several unseen contaminants like chlorine and chloramine, herbicides, pesticides or heavy metals like Sulphur, chromium, and lead, etc. that are hazardous to your health as well as the health of other living things. So, whoever you are, a gardener, a homeowner, or a camper, we are here to help.

This article is all about RV water filters, their use, their benefits, the existing types, and the factor that can influence your buying decision and guide you to make the right choice. Moreover, we have also reviewed some of the best RV water filters available on Amazon that are highly-rated and consist of all the value-added features that can make a pleasant difference in your lifestyle. So, Scroll down and check out our quick buying guide and the reviews to shop confidently.


10 Best RV water filter replacement cartridge

Here are our top picks of 2020 that are tried and tested. All of our reviews are unbiased and made to deliver the content of value so that you may be able to choose the suitable RV filter confidently.


1. Culligan RVF-10 Recreational Vehicle (RV) External Water Filter, White, 250 Gallon

Culligan RVF-10 Recreational Vehicle (RV) External Water Filter, White, 250 GallonThe sturdy design of the Culligan RVF-10 filtration system makes it ideal for an exterior water filter for your RV. Enjoy better-tasting water and a cleaner storage tank with this quality filter. The slim design and convenient hose fitting kit make it simple to install and easy to store. The filtration system includes a hose connection kit and model D-15 Level 1 basic replacement cartridge. This replacement filter uses granular activated carbon to reduce sediment and sour tastes and odors, including aesthetic chlorine.

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2. Camco TastePURE RV Dual Canister Water Filter

Camco TastePURE RV Dual Canister Water FilterCamco’s EVO X2 Dual Stage Premium RV Water Filter Kit offers protection against chlorine, bad taste, odors, sediment, bacteria, and other contaminants from your RV’s fresh water supply. The result is fresh, clean, great-tasting water straight from your tap. It is capable of providing high flow throughout your RV, even allowing uncompromised water flow in your shower.

With dual-stage filtration, the first stage acts as a pre-filter extending the life of the second stage and is comprised of a 5-micron sediment filter containing KDF and GAC to remove heavy sediments, chlorine, and bad tastes and odors. The second stage filter contains a . 5-micron carbon block cartridge offering protection against lead, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), cysts, giardia, and other contaminants.

The RV water filter kit includes: (2) filter canisters, (1) built-in stand with rubber feet, (1) 4-foot fresh water hose, (1) canister wrench, (1) replaceable premium spun polypropylene 5-micron sediment GAC/KDF cartridge, and (1) replaceable premium 0. 5-micron carbon block cartridge.

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3. Camco 40019 TastePURE XL RV/Marine Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector

Camco 40019 TastePURE XL RV/Marine Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector | Protects Against Bacteria | Reduces Bad Taste, Odor, Chlorine and Sediment,Extra Large Filter & Hose ProtectorHere is another useful filter out there. The Camco 40019 pure water filter utilizes a Granular Activated Carbon filtration cartridge that removes bad odor, bad taste, and chlorine that is harmful to you. This filter provides a large capacity of line water. It is versatile, and you can use it for several purposes. You cannot only attach it to the kitchen hose but any standard water hose to provide fresh and clean water anywhere.

This filter is versatile. It is not only suitable for RVs but a considerable choice for campers or those who want to go for an outdoor trip and take their water filter with them. It is equipped with a 20-micron cartridge that can remove all the contaminants that are greater than the 20-microns. Moreover, high-quality KDF prevents the filter from the growth of unwanted bacteria and fungi, etc. when the filter is not in use. The Camco Tastepure Water Filter comes with protective gear for a hose that protects from the strain on the connections. It is certified for using low lead content that is harmful to human health. Main Features:

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5. Camco Hydro Life 52141 HL-200 RV Water Filter Canister

Hydro Life 52141 HL-200 External Filter KitCamco Hydro Life water filter provides you with safe and healthy water anytime and anywhere. This versatile water filter enables you to use it with any hose whether it’s your garden or kitchen. You can use the filter to wash the vegetable or water the plants or for any other purpose because the filter has easy-to-use connectors you can connect with a hose without using several tools or hiring professional services.

It is equipped with a good quality to mesh granular activated carbon filter that removes hazardous chemicals and contaminants from your water, making it safe for your health. The KDF prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria, fungi, and molds that grow in moisture when the filter is not in use. Make sure that you buy the filter with KDF because this is not found in the ordinary filter but is inevitable for the cleanliness of your drinking water. Main Features:

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6. Camco EVO Premium RV & Marine Water Filter, Greatly Reduces Bad Taste, Odor, Sediment, Bacteria, Chlorine and Much More (40631), White

Camco EVO Premium RV & Marine Water FilterHere is another model of Camco XL water filter that is a trustworthy option for you and your family.  We have emphasized the brand because of its matchless reliability and performance. The filter is made to reduce the water contaminants to the minimum and offer you the safest and purest water anytime and anywhere. Like the other Camco models, this model also comes with all the other accessories that are needed to install or operate it.

The kit includes the Filter housing, a hose extension, and a filter cartridge. You can attach this filter with any hose; whether it’s your garden hose or the kitchen, the filter is made for all standard hoses. However, this filter is replaceable and should be changed when you feel that it has stopped functioning appropriately. The filter uses very low lead content. It is CSA low lead certified, so buy the filter confidently as it will never let you down.

Main Features:

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7. Camco 40645 Weekend Water Filter

Camco 40645 Weekend Water FilterDon’t worry if you want to buy a reliable RV filter at a low price, Camco has brought one for you. Camco 40645 water filter comes at an exceptionally low price but the excellent functionality. It improves the taste of the water and removes the unpleasant odor from your water. The filter has cartridges that can purify the sediments up to 150 microns.

It also removes chlorine that is harmful to your health. This replaceable filter lasts for approx. 120 days. After this, you will have to change the filter to keep getting pure and safe drinking water. Camco 40645 is RV, and marine approved and uses low-lead content, unlike the ordinary cheap water filters that use greater lead content that is extremely hazardous. Besides this, Camco 40645 also features all the other value-added qualities that differentiate it from the ordinary low-quality water filter at a price that is none other than the exception.

Main Features:

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8.Beech Lane External RV Dual Water Filter System, Leak-Free Brass Fittings, Mounting Bracket and Two Filters Included, Sturdy Construction Built to Last

Beech Lane External RV Dual Water Filter System, Leak-Free Brass Fittings, Mounting Bracket and Two Filters Included, Sturdy Construction is Built to LastIf you want a durable filter that ensures zero leakages, then Beech Lane External RV Dual Water Filter System is a considerable choice. It is equipped with brass fixtures that are safe and made up of lead-free content. These fixtures offer a strong connection to any standard hose so that no chances of leakage exist. It utilizes dual cartridges to filter water at two steps, so the water that reaches the faucet is pure and safe from the maximum contaminants.

There are two filters i.e., 5-micron and 0.5-micron, than filters not only large sediments but also the tiny unseen particles like chlorine and other unwanted chemicals and parasites, etc. In addition, the best thing I found about these filters is that they can be replaced by any filter of the same size adding convenience to your lifestyle. All the needed items and accessories that come with these filters are sturdy and resilient and made to last long. The Beech Lane External RV Dual Water Filter System also ensures the good taste of the water you drink. The water does not smell bad, and it feels good to drink. It comes with a lifetime warranty ensuring its reliability.

Main Features:

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9. EXCEL PURE Inline RV Water Filter

EXCELPURE RV Inline Water Filter for Boats, RVs, Campers, Gardening, Planting, Trailer or Motor Home KDF Filter,Reduces Chlorine, Bad Taste, and Sediment in DrinkingEXCEL PURE offers a very compatible and versatile RV water filter that can be used for multiple purposes. Install it for your kitchen or connect the filter with your garden hose, this filter performs efficiently and purifies your water from all the toxic sediments. The filter is NSF certified and removes chemicals like chlorine, bad odor, and bad taste from the water.

It is a very useful filter that is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. You can use the filter to purify water for long outdoor trips like picnics, camping, and other activities. Moreover, it has a 20-micron cartridge that filters the small particles contaminating the water. The kit comes with two filters that have an expected life of three months. Excel pure ensures a risk-free shopping experience of their filter. They provide six months return warranty if any defect is found in craftsmanship or the material so that you can buy the filter with full confidence.

Main Features:

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10.Boogie Blue Plus Garden Hose Water Filter for RV and Outdoor use – Removes Chlorine, Chloramines, VOCs, Pesticides/Herbicides Boogie Blue Plus High Capacity Filter – The Organic Gardener’s Choice

Boogie Blue Plus Garden Hose Water Filter for RV and Outdoor use - Removes Chlorine, Chloramines, VOCs, Pesticides/Herbicides Boogie Blue Plus High Capacity Filter - The Organic Gardener's ChoiceBoogie blue plus is a high capacity filter that removes the toxic chemicals like chlorine and chloramine abundantly found in the line water. The filter claims to efficiently remove 99% Chlorine and 87% Chloramine from the water. Moreover, it also removes other toxic chemicals and volatile compounds, and heavy metals found in water.

The capacity of this filter is none other than the exception. It gives more output than the ordinary filters that depreciate reaching just 10,000 gallons of water while this high-capacity Boogie Blue Plus water filter can purify up to 45000 gallons of water, which differentiates it from the rest. The filter is easy to install and use. It is compatible with all kinds of standard hoses. The water you garden, livestock, and spas, etc. with this amazing filter that offers a lot of conveniences. The Boogie Blue Plus water filter comes with a 100% money-back warranty if any defect is found in the performance or material.

Main Features:

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11. AQUA CREST RV Inline Water Filter with Hose Protector, NSF Certified, Reduces Chlorine, Bad Taste & Odor for RVs and Marines, Drinking & Washing Filter with 1 Flexible Hose Protector

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A Quick Buying Guide for the RV Water Filters

Here is an ultimate buying guide that will clear a lot of concepts and misconceptions about RV filters and the factors that should be considered while making a decision to buy a reasonable RV filter. The reason to jot down this comprehensive guide is the issues most people face while making the right choice because the market is saturated with a lot of RV filters featuring different sizes, types, and characteristics due to which buying a suitable one become difficult. So, let’s dive into some of the important factors that will definitely help you out.

What are RV Water Filters?

If you love to take your RV with you on long trips and outdoor activities, then you may need an RV filter that is needed to remove all the contaminants commonly found in the water. RV water filters is here to help. These filters are designed specifically to purify gallons of water and make sure that the water you use if free from all the chemicals, parasites, and heavy metals that are harmful to the health and environment.

Nowadays, when the municipal’s water is not safe, RV filters are an important and inevitable investment to make. There may have serious consequences if you do not invest in a reasonable RV filter, so check out more down the lines, to find valuable information about the RV filters.

What is the best RV water filter?

The market is flooded with a lot of brands and models having varying features, so I can not suggest which is the best RV water filter for you because you know your need well. However, in the next sections, I will definitely tell you about the factors you should consider to determine the right RV water filter for you.

As a general rule, the best RV water filter is the one that purifies your water to a greater extent i.e., that has excellent micron rating, long-lasting, and made up of safe and eco-friendly material. There are several brands available that take care of all these factors and manufacture good quality RV water filters keeping all these elements in mind. The trusted brands include Camco, Watts Premier, Culligan, Clear20 and Fette, etc. that are committed to providing the purified and safe water for your use.

The different types of RV water filter cartridge?

There are several types of RV water filters. However, here we are listing three popular types according to the purpose they serve.

Sediment Filter

Sediments water filters are the basic type of filters that function the same as the ordinary strainer. They work quite straight and sieve all the sediments from the water to purify and make it healthy and safe. They can filter a large amount of water pretty conveniently; that is why they are the popular choice among most of the RV owners. However, the downside is the regular maintenance cost you encounter. They may need more repair and maintenance costs than the next two types.

Ceramic Filter

The ceramic water filters use holes to remove sediments, bacteria, and other parasites from your water; however, these water filters are not able to remove toxic chemicals from the water. The useful ceramic water filters usually come with the carbon components to remove such chemical contaminants so that they may be able to purify your water appropriately.

Carbon Water Filter

It is the most expensive but useful type of RV water filter because it can remove most of the unwanted contaminants from the water like heavy metals, chemicals, bad odor, and bad taste. These filters come in three types i.e., Solid Block Carbon, Modified Carbon Block, and Granular activated carbon. The granular activated carbon filters are the most popular choice among the RV holders and enable you to get rid of most of the contaminants efficiently.

Factors to Consider while Buying the RV water filter

There are several things you should know while buying a reasonable RV water filter. So, this section includes all the essentials you should keep in mind in order to make the right choice.

Filter Size

The water filter size is the amount of water that filters can purify at a time. It also depends upon the water pressure. The more the water flow is, the greater should be your filter size. So, first, check the water pressure in your water supply line and then buy the appropriate filter size.

The amount of water you need to filter

Find the RV water filter that is able to meet your water filtering needs. Ask the question from yourself whether you want to buy the filter for the specific purpose or for the whole RV system. The answer will identify the type or size of filter you really need to buy.

Easy to use

It is always suggested to buy the RV water filter that has the easy installation process and that I easy to use. Try to find out the one that does not require you to hire a plumber or the professional services to get it installed. There are several RV water filters that are extremely easy to use and do not require repair and maintenance now and then. Some models also come with the comprehensive instructional manual, so buy the device that is easy to use, install, and come with all the important instructions so that you may be able to use it appropriately.


The budget is the most significant factor that influences the buying decision. Makes sure that whatever you choose matches your budget. The general rule says that the greater the budget, the more effective filer you will be able to buy, but it does not mean that you will not be able to buy a reasonable RV water filter in your budget. Shortlist the number of RV water filters according to your budget and match them with your need, We hope you will definitely get the one that is suitable for you.


The type of RV water filter you choose largely depends upon the water that comes into the line. You should first investigate the type of water that you want to filter. If the water has an abundance of sediments and particles, then the Sediment RV filters are the best type to choose from. If your water has an unpleasant smell that whiffs like the rotten egg, then get a carbon RV water filter for you because it is a suitable choice if your water has a bad odor and bad taste. While the ceramic water filters are the ideal choice if your water contains the bacteria and parasites etc.

Micron Rating

Micron rating is the size of the particle it can remove from the water. The smaller the micron rating is, the greater will be the effectiveness of the RV water filter. So try to get the filter that has the least micron rating in your budget.


The customer reviews and product reviews always help me a lot whenever I go shopping for anything. Therefore it is always suggested to review the products on the internet and go through the customer experience to have a practical idea about the product’s performance.

That is why I have equipped this article from the best RV water filter reviews so that you may have a better idea about the highly-rated filters available in the market. However, the section does not include the customer reviews so you can go and search the internet for thousands of reviews for the chosen model to know more about the specific model.

Benefits of a water filter

There are several benefits of an RV Water filter that compel you to invest in this useful equipment. Some of them are listed below.

Offer Comfort and convenience

Having access to the clean and purified water is all you really need to be healthy and safe from several diseases. It is not only about you but other living things and the environment as well. So, RV water filters are important equipment because they provide clean water anytime and anywhere to those who keep on traveling and camping outside. They are long-lasting and have fewer maintenance costs, so they add great convenience to your lifestyle.

Compact and lightweight

The RV water filter is compact and lightweight. They are made for your ease so that you may carry them around easily and conveniently. Moreover, they are easy to use and store. They are compact enough to be stored at any small space or your vehicle. They are a better alternative to carry large and heavy water bottles all throughout the trip.

Remove Sediments and Contaminants

This is the most important feature and the advantage of RV water filters is that make them an inevitable investment. They filter all the harmful particles, sediments, heavy metals, chemicals, and pests from the water that contaminates it. They also remove bad odor and bad taste from the water and make it safe and healthy for drinking and various other purposes.

How often should I change my water filter?

RV Water filters are replaceable, and they may last in between three to twelve months. All filters come with the instructions or guides that confirm when and how to replace those filters. There are some long-lasting models as well for those who don’t want to tangle into the hassle of replacing the filters now and then. However, you will have to spend some extra money in order to get the one that lasts long.

How do water filters work?

Different types of RV Water filters function in a different way, but the basic function is the same, and that is to remove contaminants from the water. Some water filters come with standard fixtures and connections that are compatible with all the standard hoses and connect easily to them. Some of them also come with the hose protectors to protect your hose from any damage. These RV Water filters are equipped with the cartridges that remove sediments and the carbon filtration cartridge. Some also come with the KDF that removes bad odor and bad smell from the water.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does hose water taste different?

The water from the hose tastes different because it may be contaminated with the bacteria or the presence of the elements like chlorine or chloramine that is not good for your health. This is the reason you may find it a bit stinky like the rotten eggs or it may have a bad taste as well.

How long does a water filter last?

The life of the filter may vary, however; the average life is in between 3 months to 1 year after which it may need replacement. The filters having greater life cost more.

Why is water filtration important?

Purifying the water appropriately is important due to several reasons. The line water is usually contaminated due to the presence of chemicals, heavy metals, parasites, pests, and sediments, etc. Moreover, your water may have a stinky smell or bad taste so filtration is important if you need to remove the contaminants and bad taste from the water.

Can I use a Garden Hose for my RV?

Yes, you can use the garden hose for the RV because the filter is compatible with all standard hoses so that you can conveniently connect them to any standard hose and get the fresh and safe water anywhere.

How do I keep my water fresh?

You can keep your water fresh by sanitizing it appropriately every 2 weeks at least and by filtering it using RV filters so that it remains safe and healthy for drinking.



So, these were the reviews of the bestselling and highly-rated RV water filters that are reliable as well as tested to provide the purified water. We hope that our buying guide and the reviews of the top ten filters will give you the power to make a correct decision confidently and you will be able to find the equipment that is worth your money and effort. So, happy shopping!