RVing is a popular lifestyle now; many people love to use RV motorhomes for adventures and as their homes. These motorhomes do not require hefty towing capacity. However, to safely tow your car behind the RV, you need to equip yourself with the right RV tow bar.

There are several factors you need to consider when selecting the best RV tow for you. For example, you will need to keep in mind the total weight of the car you are planning to pull, after which you can move on to choosing suitable RV tow bars for you.

Let’s examine all the vital factors you need to consider to invest in the best RV tow bars but first, let’s get to know RV tow bars better.


1. CURT 70001 Rambler RV Tow Bar, 7,500 Pounds, 2-Inch Shank

The Rambler tow bar is easy to use and reliably tough to provide safe, dependable flat towing. It features a patent-Rambler tow barpending design, lightweight construction, and three unique stowing positions to promote the most effortless possible setup.

Rambler is also rated for 7,500 pounds to dinghy tow various vehicles and add unparalleled freedom to your RV adventures.

CURT 70001 Rambler RV Tow Bar Reviews:

The levers that release the tow bar connects are the best feature, making it easy to hook up when aligned with the RV. It avoids a lot of manhandling the tow bar or Jeep.

The only problem is one of the two arms doesn’t release properly. I have to hit the pin with a hammer to release when the tow vehicle is attached.

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Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Mounted Tow Bar - 6000 lb. Load Capacity2. Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Mounted Tow Bar – 6000 lb. Load Capacity

The hitch-mounted tow bar has stainless steel, telescoping arms that automatically lock into place. Its large hookup radius allows you to connect without perfectly lining up your vehicle. It easily folds up to store on your RV.



Roadmaster 520 Falcon RV Tow Bar Reviews:

I had the Stowmaster Tow Bar that folded on the towed vehicle for about 18 years with no problem, but decided to upgrade to the Falcon 2. It has the same great Roadmaster quality and now it stays folded on the motorhome when not towing.

The only downside is that it can be difficult (to near impossible) to release when not on a flat level surface.


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3. Roadmaster 522 All Terrain RV Tow Bar

With the Falcon All Terrain RV Tow Bar releasing your towed vehicle is easy. Even when the tow bar is at a tricky angle. The towbar comes with Roadmaster’s exclusive Freedom Latch, which releases the tow bar at any angle or bind – the first time, every time.

One-person quick-connect and disconnect

At the towed vehicle.

Thanks to an exclusive, One-person quick-connect and disconnect system, one person can easily connect or disconnect the Falcon All-Terrain RV Tow Bar in seconds.

And at the motorhome.

Each telescoping inner arm measures over 50 inches in length and can be extended or retracted independently, as well as rotated 45º horizontally

The largest hook-up radius in the industry: You do not have to line up towed vehicle perfectly. Connecting the Falcon All-Terrain tow bar is just like horseshoes — “close” is good enough!

The Falcon Tow Bar includes Self-lubricating nylon bushings, which eliminates friction between the inner and outer arms for a smooth, easy operation. Other tow bars have steel riding on steel.

Automatic storage latch

Channel guides


No ball mount to drag

Solid stainless steel inner arms

Includes a high-tech powder coat finish for maximum durability. 


Roadmaster 522 All Terrain RV Tow Bar Reviews:

I had trouble getting the locking pins out at the end of my second trip (two weeks, 3400 miles). I bought a Teflon lubricant spray and used it on all parts, including the extension arms. On my last trip, it worked without binding. Keep it lubed with something that does not attract dirt. The Teflon lube spray seemed to work well.

Best tow bar for the money. Exactly what I needed.

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4. Blue Ox BX7380 Alpha II Motorhome-Mounted Tow Bar

The Alpha 2 tow bar is for use with towed vehicles up to 6,500 lbs. This easy foldaway tow bar mounts and stores on the back of the RV when not in use. It is self-aligning, has quick disconnect hook-up pins, and non-binding latch mechanisms for easier connection on uneven ground. It is constructed with solid steel. Safety cables are included.


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5. Blue Ox BX7420 Class IV Avail 10,000 lb. Capacity Tow Bar with Safety Cable, Brown

Blue Ox BX7420 Class IV Avail 10,000 lb. Capacity Tow Bar with Safety Cable, BrownBlue Ox BX742 tow bars offer an improved turning radius for better cornering and for smoother towing over rough roads. 10,000 lbs. capacity, steel construction, layered in a premium metallic paint.

Blue Ox BX7420 Class IV RV Tow bar Reviews:

It really is hassle-free in terms of attaching/detach to the towed vehicle. I only used it twice thus far, but I’d say this one is a winner from my two short uses, looking at the design (I’m an engineer and pretty critical of these types of things) and hearing what others say on the RV forums.

It was easy to install to the hitch receiver on the motorhome. Attaches and detaches very easily to the corresponding base place installed on our tow vehicle. Neatly and easily folds up and over when not in use. We also bought the accessory kit that had a cover for it to keep it clean when not in use. So far, I’m very pleased with the Blue Ox brand of towing products.

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Nighthawk Roadmaster 676 Tow Bar 8,000 pound weight capacity motorhome mounted tow bar6. Nighthawk Roadmaster 676 Tow Bar

Nighthawk Roadmaster 676 Tow Bar truly non-binding tow bar made from beautifully styled aluminum and featuring embedded LED lights along each arm that illuminate with the RV’s lights for increased safety.


Nighthawk Roadmaster 676 Tow Bar Reviews:

I bought this for our Class A to tow our Jeep. It was very easy to install. The only issue we had, and we are not sure if it was this part of the base plate on the Jeep, but one was not compatible with the other. So the Money we thought we were saving was lost because we had to let the RV place replace the parts. But they showed us how to install it, and that was really simple. Overall, we are very happy so far with this product.

The design makes it easy to connect & disconnect even on uneven ground.

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7. Demco 9511012 Tow Bar – Commander 2

The Commander 2 Tow Bar from Demco features a vertical bolt design that lets you maneuver the tow bar one leg at a time and eliminates having to step over the towing system when hooking and unhooking.

The vinyl-covered safety cables are attached securely out of the way with safety cable mounting clips that help eliminate the worry of cables dragging or the problem of what to do with them at your destination.

A truly non-binding design makes it incredibly easy to hook and unhook. The angled design of the internal latch block allows the trigger release to activate under pressure—no extra tools are required to hook up or release.

Features a standard 1-1/2 inch rise/drop receiver tube: No other tow bar manufacturer can stake this claim! Eliminates the need to purchase additional drop or rise equipment: The most versatile tow bars in the industry!

The attached head joint is adjustable so that your tow bar is level or parallel with the road while towing. Adjustable head pivots up or down, allowing 3 inches of displacement in addition to the 1-1/2 inches of the offset receiver for maximum versatility: unmatched in the industry!

All Demco Victory Series Tow Bars are self-supporting from the built-in resistance in the tow bar connecting legs. Versatile design permits multiple storage positions, and independent arm movement enables the user to store it to the right, left, or one leg each way.

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8. Reese Towpower 74344 Adjustable Class III Tow Bar With 5,000 lbs. Capacity

Reese Tow BarReese Towpower Adjustable Tow Bar features fold-down convenience for easy storage with the removal of only four pins. The kit includes a 2-inch coupler and a set of universal bumper brackets, and an adjustable bar. Rated at 5,000 GVW and a limited lifetime warranty make this an economical as well as a dependable purchase. The base plate may require some fabrication, depending on the application.


Reese Towpower tow bar review:

I wanted a tow bar that tows well and wouldn’t break the bank; this does that. However, you will need either some big muscles or tools to tighten the two bolts that attach the brackets to the tow bar arms. They are crimped for a non-loosening hold which makes them a tough drive. I used a 200 ft-lb impact driver for the nuts, and it could only do it with some lube. Some buyer’s comments confused this for non-fitting hardware. You will also need to buy hardware to attach safety chains to the bar. Pay attention to the torque requirements for the bolts at the hitch end; comments buy others have indicated over-torquing and busting off the studs. 35 ft-lbs is all that is required for the size and grade of bolts at the hitch end.’

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9. Roadmaster 527 All Terrain Tow Bar

Roadmaster RV tow barThe Falcon All-Terrain is a 6,000 pound rated tow bar. It weighs just 38 pounds. It has a patented one-step storage latch. Fold the tow bar toward the motorhome, and it will “click,” automatically locking in place—built-in channel guides.

The safety cables and power cord can be routed through built-in channel guides for protection against damage or dragging and a clean, uncluttered look.

Solid stainless steel inner arms. For smooth, trouble-free operation and easy maintenance. Stainless steel looks better, lasts longer, and prevents corrosion that binds. — Roadmaster tow bars are the most rust-free in the industry and the Longest tow bar arms available.

Each telescoping inner arm measures over 50 inches in length and can be extended or retracted independently, as well as rotated 45º horizontally. That range of motion means there’s no wasted time lining up your towed vehicle to connect it — extend, retract or rotate each tow bar arm as necessary.

You can’t say this about many things in life but connecting Roadmaster tow bars is just like horseshoes — “close” is good enough. Longer arms also extend the turning radius, making maneuvering in and out of gas stations and campgrounds correspondingly easier.

Metal-flake powder-coat finish. This finish exceeds all 500-hour salt spray, extreme weather, and high-impact standards—self-aligning design. Just hook up and drive away — the tow bar arms automatically extend, self-center, and lock into position. Same as the 522 Falcon All-Terrain tow bar, except it does not come with the crossbar.

Instead, it comes with the adapters on the end of the arms that make it so you can use this tow bar with Blue Ox baseplates.

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10. Blue Ox BX4370 Ascent RV Tow Bar – 2″ Receiver, Class III 7500 lb. Rating

Blue Ox BX4370 Ascent Tow Bar - 2" Receiver, Class III 7500 lb. RatingBlue Ox Ascent Tow Bars feature aircraft-grade aluminum construction that weighs in at just 31 lbs. The offset triple lugs make unhooking simple, and Rubber boots prevent dirt from getting in the legs. Diamond Vogel metallic powder coat finish. No centering pin – easy to stow away, easy to store.


Blue Ox BX4370 Reviews:

What can I say. Great product. I already used an earlier product, but this new twist is even better. The longer length and NO BINDING are fantastic. A nice upgrade to an already perfect product.

Lightweight easy to install on the motorhome. Works exactly as claimed. It folds up nicely when not in use, and I can lift it!

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Essential Parts of RV Tow Bars 

RV tow bars come with a limited capacity to tow. That is why you will need a tow bar having a suitable weight limit relative to the dinghy or the towed. 

Connecting Wire: Most of the tow bars feature wiring for connecting the RV lights to the lights of the towed vehicle. Not only this comes off as dangerous to tow a car without working lights, but it’s also not legal. Therefore, if you consider choosing a tow bar that does not have an adequate wiring solution for lights, you will need to buy a 4-6 wire electrical cord or a universal wiring kit.

You will have to get some safety cables as well. Most tow bar packages include lots of safety cables. However, if your package doesn’t have the cables, you will have to invest in a pair that is made for your towing capacity after checking your tow bar specifications. 

What’s more, it is not legal to tow without using safety cables as they prevent the towed vehicle from getting loose if the RV car tow bar fails to work, such as getting detached from the towed or the RV. 

This is the most crucial part because you cannot tow if a tow bar does not match the RV receiver. Most RVs include a standardized two-inch square receiver which goes well with most tow bars available in the market. However, it is vital that you confirm this before buying.  

For saving yourself from inconvenience and money, you must check the dimensions of your RV receiver and then match it to the relevant RV tow bar that you are buying to get the right product.

How To Choose A Tow Bar?

Let’s see some of the features of tow bars so that you will know what to consider when considering different brands and models. 

Convenient hookup and easy, quick-release systems are some of the advantages that you will benefit from each time you detach or hook up your car with the tow bar. Ideally, you require a tow bar that can be easily connected and disconnected by a single individual. 

Binding becomes a problem when you are trying to disconnect – this is when the latches will not get released because of the pressure on them. The latches rank among the ideal features of a tow bar setup. On the other hand, binding can become very problematic, and therefore, any tow bar having that binding will not get in the best category of RV tow bars. 

Binding might occur in tow bars when the vehicle is parked at a specific angle from your RV vehicle or when parked at a slope. On the other hand, the latches that don’t bind allow you to release the tow bar at a slope of any degree angle. You won’t have to worry about getting a certain angle or a level to disconnect it. You won’t have to pull the towed car back and forth in an attempt to get the tow bar fit for a release. 

As mentioned earlier, getting the weight capacity right is essential. You need to locate the weight of your automobile in the owner’s manual and then compare the tow bars for a weight higher than that. Getting a tow bar with a higher weight rating is also essential as you might have to carry some weight on the towed vehicle as well. It might also be useful when you get a heavier vehicle in the future. You will not have to replace your tow bar this way. 

It would be best to consider the functionality and durability of an RV tow bar before buying one. The bar will be present between your tow vehicle and the RV as you are rolling along with a long-distance on the highway. So, you must not consider the durability in terms of time but also overall performance and safety. 

RV Towing Bar Tips 






These are some of the vital points to consider when buying an RV tow bar. Considering these facts will help you get the best RV tow bar according to your needs and enjoy the best results. 


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