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RV Sewer Hose Storage Ideas

Camping in a Recreational Vehicle (RV) can be a lot of fun.  However, there is one aspect of RVing that is not so enjoyable. The RV sewer hose (also known as the “Stinky Slinky”) is everyone’s least favorite aspect of RV camping.

Finding a way to keep one of the most unpleasant aspects of RVing to itself is becoming increasingly popular; RV sewer hose storage is one of the RV mods many people go for since it provides easy access and keeps it separate from other storage items.

To top it off, many RV parks and campgrounds have their septic dumps to set up so that you’ll need an extension RV sewer hose to get to the septic dump (who wants another Stinky Slinky?!) Because you may require an additional RV sewer hose. The question becomes, where and how do I store my RV sewer hoses?

Keeping the sewer hose separate can also make the process much more sanitary. Here you can find a collection of suggestions for installing this RV mod on your RV. There are numerous strategies to choose from. Almost all RVs include a storage spot for your main sewer hose under the bumper or underside of the vehicle.

However, you have a few options for storing the extra extension RV sewer line: you may buy a storage container, design one yourself, or DIY a system on your RV to give extra storage space for your RV sewer hose.

So, if you’re seeking a technique to fix kinks and knots in your garden hose, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll go through all these garden hose storage methods in detail below so you can keep one of your most vital camper accessories hidden!


Which RV Sewer Hose Is Best for Storage?

Before we get into how to keep your RV sewer hose, it’s important to understand that not all stinky slinkies are created equal. Some RV sewer hoses, for example, do not compact properly. They curl up and take up a lot of room wherever they are placed.

However, several RV part manufacturers have recently discovered that they must design a small RV sewer hose for easy storage. Camco 20′ (39742) RhinoFLEX 20-Foot RV Sewer Hose Kit is an excellent illustration. Please read our post about the best RV sewer hose if you want to find other sewer hoses ideal for your needs. These hoses condense like a slinky, reducing a 15-foot RV sewer hose to 4.5 feet long!

So, you may make RV sewer hose storage easier by obtaining a more readily storable hose.


Here are a few Things You Should Consider Before Storing Your RV Sewer Hose

Before you think about storing your RV sewer hose, there are a few things you should consider:


Our waste is sent down a tube and into a sewer dump via RV sewer pipes. All connection points, the hose, and the regions around your RV sewer hose will be contaminated. Before storing your RV, you should clean the sewer pipe and hose.

First, ensure your sewage dump valve (the lever that opens your black tank) is closed. When you detach your RV sewer hose, you don’t want any waste to fly out.

Then, it would be best if you prepared a water hose separate from your drinking water hose. This hose can clean the outside of your sewer hose and all connectors. After cleaning the outside of your sewer hose, disconnect the end connected to your RV.

With the hose you’re using for cleaning, run a bunch of freshwater through your RV sewer hose so it goes into the sewer dump. Disconnect the end of the hose connected to the sewer dump in the ground once you’ve run enough clean water through it. Finally, spray disinfectant on both ends of your RV sewer hose to destroy any germs that may be present.

Abundant Water

It’s common for your RV sewer hose to have extra water in it. Before storing your RV sewer hose, try to have as much of this drained out. When you store your RV sewer hose, any residual water will begin to stink; therefore, the less water you have in your hose, the better.


Before storing their RV sewer hose, many people wrap the ends. You can wrap each end of the hose with plastic bags or buy caps to cover each end before storing it.


Check out these four sewer hose storage options for DIY RV hose storing ideas & projects to keep your hose neat.

  1. Use A Bucket to Store Your RV’s, Sewer Hose.

Although it may appear simple, storing RV sewer hoses in a 5-gallon bucket is a cost-effective and straightforward alternative. The instructions for storing your sewer pipe in a bucket are as follows:


  1. Use A Garbage Bag to Store Your RV’s, Sewer Hose.

While not a long-term solution, a heavy-duty garbage bag can be used to store your RV sewer pipe if you don’t have another option. When you’re on the road, it’s possible that you won’t have time to find a bucket or a particular container to keep your RV sewer hose.

On the other hand, garbage bags are widely accessible and will assist you in storing your hose. Follow the same instructions as if you were keeping your RV sewer hose in a bucket to store it in a garbage bag:

Caution: If you put your RV sewer hose in a garbage bag, be careful not to mistake it for rubbish and toss it out!


  1. Purchase a Storage Container for Your RV’s Sewer Hose.

Because so many RVers need to keep the stinky slinky with the RV, several companies have developed unique containers specifically for storing your RV sewer hose.

Aside from buckets, RV parts businesses sell lengthy tubes for storing hoses, boxes that allow your hose out a little at a time, and even circular containers made exclusively for RV sewer hose storage.


  1. Make Your Sewer Hose Storage Tube for Your RV

Making your RV sewer hose storage straightforward is, becoming increasingly popular among RVers.

The ideal method is to make a tube long enough to accommodate your RV sewer hose out of a hollow plastic fence post or a long length of pipe.

After that, you can put the tube beneath your RV to provide the ideal storage space that won’t get in the way. One of the most effective techniques to make your own RV sewer hose storage is to:


Attaching Your DIY RV Sewer Hose Storage Tube to Camper

You can attach this tube to your camper now that you have a long tube with end caps for keeping your stinky slinky. The concept is that the tube will run the length of your RV, and you can open the end conveniently (most folks put the tube’s opening on the underside of their camper near the hitch).

You’ll also want to secure the tube to your RV at a location where you can reach the frame, which is made up of strong metal “I-Beams” that span the length of the vehicle. Afterward, go to your local hardware store and get some L-brackets to attach the tube to your camper’s frame. You could use RecPro RV Replacement End Caps for this DIY Project.

You now have a lengthy tube that can properly store your RV sewer hose while remaining out of sight.


What is the Best Way to Store Sewer Hoses in an RV?

While all of the above methods are wonderful ways to provide more storage for a rigid RV sewer hose, we still believe that buying RV sewer hoses that shrink enough to fit in your RV’s current storage is the best option.

Almost all RVs have sewer hose storage built-in near the rear bumper. Even though you may require a sewer hose extension for the sewer dumps at many campgrounds, you won’t need so much more length of hose that you end up overfilling your sewer hose storage with a hose that shrinks.

You should never require more than 35 feet of RV sewer pipe (and any longer will make it difficult to get things to drain properly!).

The beauty of hoses like Camco Black 39551 Complete Rv Sewer Kit is that they shrink down like a slinky to take up a fraction of the area of a standard RV sewer hose.

If you choose a combo like the Camco 39658 Deluxe 20′ Sewer Hose Kit with Swivel Fittings, you can fit both hoses into your RV’s built-in hose storage without making or buying anything else. All RVers need a place to store their sewer hoses. The steps and advice listed above will ensure that your stinky slinky stays out of sight, mind, smelling, and in good operating shape.

We hope that this RV storage and organizing ideas will assist you in creating a comfortable, efficient place that will act as a welcoming home base for your next exciting excursion. When everything in your RV is in its proper place, you’re free to explore the vast world around you, knowing that you’ll return to a clean and comfortable home setting to relax.

Check for below some recommended solutions for your RV sewer hose storage.

By the way, if you have any favorite storage hacks, please share them in the comments. We’re always looking for new and innovative ideas; no one is more inventive than campers.

Happy, well-organized trails, Camper!

Highly Recommend Solutions for The RV Hose Storage.

1. 3 Pack Waterproof RV Hose Storage Bag Organizer w/ Rubber Identification Tags and Storage Straps – for Black, Fresh Water Hoses, Sewer Hoses, Electrical Cords & Accessories

A Must-Have RV Accessories For Outside/Inside

Multiple Storage Uses: Compactly stores your RV fresh water drinking hose, greywater hose, power cord, or electrical cords.

Waterproof Interior Liner

The interior liner of our bags is fully waterproof, so you won’t need to deal with gross and soggy bags when putting them away for Storage.

Rubber Identification Tags

Our Unique and colorful identification tags allow you to easily spot and differentiate your bags.

Open and Close Easily

Eazy2hD RV equipment storage bag has a mesh side and a draw-string closure. It is very sturdy and convenient. It makes setting up and breaking down so much easier.

  • RV HOSE BAG ORGANIZER – RV Equipment Storage Utility Bag With Storage Straps And Rubber Identification Tags For Organization | Conveniently Stores Electrical Cords, Fresh Water Hoses, And Sewer Hoses Making Storage Easy And Space Saving.
  • KEEP YOUR RV LIFE ORGANIZED – Our Premium RV Hose Bags Are Made From High-Quality Polyurethane Material With A Strong Drawstring And Convenient Grab-Handle. No More Bothering About Hoses, Cables, And Cords Entangled Around Corners, These Rv Hose Storage Are The Best Solution And So Much More!
  • WATERPROOF LINER & BREATHABLE MESH – RV Hose/Cable Organizer Storage Utility Bag Is Made Of Waterproof Fabric, Which Can Keep The Storage Environment Clean At All Times. The Top Half Of The Rv Hose Storage Is Made From A Super-Strong Breathable Mesh, Which Evaporates Excess Water Or Liquid To Ensure A Mold-Free Environment For Your Hose.
  • IDENTIFICATION TAGS & STRAPS – Our unique colorful identification tags are made of unique rubber, which allows you to spot and differentiate your bags easily. Extension Cord Holder Organizer Storage Straps made with heavy-duty polypropylene are tough. These are built to last indoors or out.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – Why do we have a lifetime warranty on our Eazy2hD RV bag? Because we’re so confident in the quality of our bags that we will replace them for life. Customer satisfaction is our tireless pursuit!

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2. Famboo 3 Pack Waterproof RV Hose Bag Organizer 3 Colors for Fresh, Grey & Black Water Hoses, Electrical Cords & Accessories 

The Famboo Waterproof RV Hose Bag Organizer is designed to help RV owners keep their hoses organized and protected from the elements. This bag is made from high-quality waterproof material to keep your hoses dry and free from mildew and mold. The bag is large enough to hold up to 100 feet of hose, and it comes with a drawstring closure that makes it easy to access your hoses when needed.

One of the main benefits of the Famboo Waterproof RV Hose Bag Organizer is that it helps extend your hoses’ life. When hoses are left outside in the elements, they can become damaged by UV rays, extreme temperatures, and moisture. By storing your hoses in this bag, you can protect them from these hazards and ensure they last longer.

Another benefit of this product is that it makes it easier to transport your hoses. The bag has two sturdy handles that make it easy to carry your hoses from one location to another. This is especially useful for RV owners who frequently move from one campsite to another.

Overall, the Famboo Waterproof RV Hose Bag Organizer is useful for any RV owner who wants to keep their hoses organized and protected. Its durable construction and large capacity make it a great investment for anyone who wants to extend the life of their hoses and make them easier to transport.

  • WATERPROOF LINER & BREATHABLE MESH -Fully waterproof interior liner protecting your RV Hoses. Super-strong breathable mesh allows any excess water or liquid to evaporate, ensuring a good environment for your hoses.
  • FITS UP TO 100 FT HOSES AND CORDS – Measuring 16 inches x 10 inches. This handy hose bag gives you space for even the longest hoses. There’s room to store your electrical cable adapters, RV dog bones, surge protectors, etc.
  • KEEP RV ORGANIZED – RV equipment storage bags are made from high-quality waterproof polyester material with a strong drawstring and a convenient grab handle so you can quickly pack up your cables and hoses and get on with your trip.
  • 3 COLORS FOR DIFFERENT USE – These bags are designed in 3 colors for easy spot and differentiation. Especially helpful when reaching deep to find the right hose. Each bag has a waterproof tag holder for paper tags.
  • EASY OPEN AND CLOSURE: The RV equipment storage bag has a mesh side and draw-string closure. It is very sturdy and convenient. It makes setting up and breaking down so much easier

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3. Valterra Black 50″-94″ EZ Adjustable Hose Carrier-50

The Valterra Black 50″-94″ EZ Adjustable Hose Carrier is a product designed for RV enthusiasts who need a reliable way to store and transport their hoses. This hose carrier is adjustable and can fit hoses ranging from 50 inches to 94 inches in length. It is made of durable plastic material that can withstand harsh weather conditions and rough handling.

The EZ Adjustable Hose Carrier features a removable cap on each end, which allows for easy loading and unloading of hoses. It also has adjustable mounting brackets that can be attached to the RV’s bumper or frame, providing a secure and stable hold during transport.

This product is highly recommended for RV owners who frequently travel and need a convenient way to store their hoses. It saves space inside the RV and keeps the hoses organized and easily accessible.

In summary, the Valterra Black 50″-94″ EZ Adjustable Hose Carrier is a durable and reliable product designed for RV enthusiasts who need a convenient way to store and transport their hoses.

  • RV HOSE CARRIER: Fits most 3″ drain hoses and fittings except for one-piece 90-degree sewer fittings
  • CONVENIENT INSTALLATION: Comes assembled with mounting brackets and includes self-tapping screws for easy installation wherever you need it
  • VENTED END CAPS: End caps feature a vented design to prevent the buildup of moisture
  • LOCKABLE DESIGN: End caps have a loop that allows the addition of a padlock for extra security
  • IDEAL SIZE: Features an inside diameter of 4.45″ for versatile storage options

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4. RecPro RV Extendable Waste Hose Carrier Super Slider Storage Tube (53″ – Extends to 100″) | Made in America

Sewer hoses aren’t exactly the highlight of anyone’s vacation. No one wants to take on the necessary task of unloading the black water tank, but it’s necessary. You can’t get around that. You’ll have to do this eventually. This doesn’t mean that this task can’t be improved upon.

With a few steps, you can make this chore easier, quicker, and generally less of a hassle. One of the best ways to keep this chore down to a minimum level of “new” is to get a sewer hose carrier for under your RV. With one of these, you can keep the hose out of the way, in a clean and protected space, and easily accessible when you need to use it again. *Should not be installed where they will be exposed to direct sunlight – Direct sunlight will distort the plastic over time.

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5. Valterra Products Inc A04-3460BK Sewer Hose Storage Carrier Adjustable 34″ to 60.”

Stop storing your sewer hoses in your compartments or bumpers. Try the EZ hose carrier from Valterra Products! Fits all 3″ drain hoses and fittings except for one-piece 90-degree sewer fittings. Inner diameter: 4.450″.

It comes assembled with mounting brackets for easy installation and includes self-tapping screws. Easily adjustable to adapt to the best mounting location and hose size! Comes with quarter-turn twist-lock caps with straps.

Both caps are vented to prevent moisture from building up in the carrier. Each cap has a loop to which you can add a padlock for extra security. It works great, especially if you’re storing your expensive fishing poles (store without reels attached)!

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6. Stromberg Carlson HC-75 Hose and Cord Caddy

The Stromberg Carlson HC-75 Hose and Cord Caddy is designed to hold hoses and cords in an organized manner. It is made of durable materials and has a compact design, making it easy to store and transport.

The caddy’s unique design allows it to hold up to 75 feet of hose or cord. It has a built-in handle for easy carrying and can be hung on a wall for convenient storage. The caddy also has a locking mechanism that securely keeps the hose or cord in place.

One of the main benefits of using the Stromberg Carlson HC-75 Hose and Cord Caddy is that it helps to prevent tangles and kinks in hoses and cords. This can save time and frustration when using these items and extend their lifespan by reducing wear and tear.

Overall, the Stromberg Carlson HC-75 Hose and Cord Caddy is a useful tool for anyone who needs to store or transport hoses or cords regularly. Its durable construction, compact design, and locking mechanism make it a reliable choice for organizing these items.

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7. RecPro RV Replacement End Caps for 4 5/8″ Sewer Hose Holder | RV Sewer Hose End Caps

RecPro RV Replacement End Caps are designed to fit 4 5/8″ sewer hose holders commonly found on RVs. These end caps are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and long-lasting use. They are easy to install and provide a secure seal to prevent leaks or spills.

The RecPro RV, Replacement End Caps are an essential accessory for any RV owner who wants to maintain the sanitation and cleanliness of their vehicle’s waste system. These end caps are designed to replace damaged or worn-out end caps, which can cause leaks and other issues with the sewer hose holder.

To install the RecPro RV Replacement End Caps, remove the old end cap and insert the new one into place. The end cap will snap securely, providing a tight seal that prevents leaks or spills.

Overall, the RecPro RV Replacement End Caps are an excellent investment for any RV owner who wants to keep their vehicle’s waste system in top condition. They are easy to install, durable, and provide a secure seal that prevents leaks and spills.

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8. DW SH-5564-BK Super-Tube Sewer Hose Carrier – 64″

The DW SH-5564-BK Super-Tube Sewer Hose Carrier is a 64-inch long storage tube designed to hold securely and transport sewer hoses used in recreational vehicles (RVs) and other similar applications. The carrier is made of durable materials that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions and provide long-lasting protection for the hose.

The Super-Tube Sewer Hose Carrier features a unique design allowing easy loading and unloading of the hose. The carrier can be mounted on the underside of an RV or the rear bumper using the included mounting hardware. Once installed, the carrier provides a convenient and secure storage solution for sewer hoses of various lengths.

The Super-Tube Sewer Hose Carrier is compatible with most standard sewer hoses and fittings, making it a versatile accessory for RV owners and enthusiasts. The carrier also helps to keep the hose clean and free of debris during transport, which can help to extend its lifespan and ensure reliable performance over time.

Overall, the DW SH-5564-BK Super-Tube Sewer Hose Carrier is a high-quality accessory that provides a convenient and secure storage solution for sewer hoses used in RVs and other similar applications.

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9. Easy-Carry Wrap-It Storage Straps – 22” (2-Pack) – Heavy-Duty Hook and Loop Cord Carrying Strap, Hanger, and Organizer with Handle for Pool Hoses, Garden Hoses, Cords, Cables, and More.

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