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RV Mattress Topper: The Best Solution to Protect your RV Mattress

rv mattress topperVacations are no more refreshing if you are unable to sleep well. An RV mattress topper is a must-buy when it comes to long trips in your RV. If you are an RV lover and go on and off on the long trip, then you may understand the importance of the sound sleep and, ultimately, the mattress toppers that make you feel comfy during bedtime.

RVing includes several activities and to perform those recreational activities enthusiastically and actively, so we need to sleep soundly and wake up refreshed. That is why comfy an RV matters topper is the priority of the RV owners.

So, here we are to help. In this article, you will find everything you want to know about the bestselling mattress topper for RVs. Apart from the most questioned facts about the RV mattress topper, We have also scribbled a comprehensive guide that will simplify your challenge of buying a reasonable mattress topper for your RV followed by a comparison chart that will give you a quick idea about the best RV mattress topper available in the market.


What is the best RV mattress topper?

There are several toppers available in the market, but choosing the one is not that simple with so many varying options. So, here are some best mattress toppers for RV that will definitely grab your attention.


1. Zinus 4 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Short Queen

This 4-inch thick and comfortable mattress topper is ideal for those who want to buy memory foam topper for their RV mattress. It offered great support and infused with castor seed oil and tea extracts that keeps you safe from the bad odor that causes several bacteria and parasites.

Zinus 4 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper is made up of high-quality material for those RV owners who never compromise on quality.

It is available in all standard sizes and comes with a 5-year limited warranty that adds value to the performance and reliability so that you can buy the mattress confidently. This mattress takes about 48 hours to expand fully, so you should leave that mattress so that it may be able to decompress easily.



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2. eLuxurySupply RV Mattress Topper

eLuxurySupply RV Mattress Pad is a must-buy for the RV owners who love to sleep on the Polyester. It is made up of Polyester and comes in all standard sizes. This Polyester has a unique design that is filled with hypoallergenic down fiber, which is super-soft and comfy. This mattress is highly suitable for those who are comfortable with latex or memory foam. Each square of this ultra-comfy topper is filled with lofty fiber that gives you the feeling of the feathers.

It is made with the efficient craftsmanship and stitched to prevent the filling from moving around. You can buy this mattress without any doubt because it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30 days, so you can replace it if not satisfied.


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3. RUUF Memory Foam RV Mattress Topper Short Queen, 3 Inch Premium High-Density Gel-Infused Mattress Topper

Are you looking for a mattress with exceptional reliability and durability? Then RUUF Memory Foam Mattress Topper must be your choice. The luxurious mattress topper is more resilient than the ordinary RV mattress toppers available in the market. The mattress topper is available in 3-inch thickness and provides greater support to your body for comfortable sleeping time. It has an affordable price that comes in a low budget as well.

It is equipped with a cooling gel that keeps your body temperature low during the hot weather. Moreover, the memory foam is breathable enough for sufficient ventilation. It utilizes a special sponge designed to relax all your body parts, including the spine, and other pressure points which reduce the body pain.

The high-end gel foam mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and also a money-back guarantee for 108 nights that make it a super-reliable choice. In addition, the price is super affordable, which makes it a more considerable choice.



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4. UltraBlock RV Short Queen Waterproof Mattress Protector – Premium Soft Cotton Terry Cover

UltraBlock RV Mattress Protector is a comfortable, and high-quality lofty protector made up of memory foam. The RV mattress topper is the best choice specifically designed for RV mattresses. The topper comes in the 2-inch thickness that is perfect for every weather bodyweight. Furthermore, it has a high-density base that provides great support.

The mattress is designed with a pressure release foam that reduces pressure to the key parts of the body i.e., Shoulders, neck and back, etc. Moreover, the mattress is infused with the tea extracts that keep the bad odor away from the mattress because bad odor causes germs in the mattress. This topper is water-resistant and prevents the mattress from sagging. In addition, it also protects your mattress from several other damages like accidents, mites, molds, various bacteria, and allergies.

It has a tight-fitting on your mattress, so it stays on your mattress perfectly. The crinkle-free mattress comes in all standard sizes and the 100% warranty for refund or replacement if you are not satisfied with the quality.


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5. Best Price Mattress Topper Short Queen, 2 inches Memory Foam Mattress

Best Price mattress topper is extremely suitable for those who have back issues. It is a 2-inch thick mattress topper that is infused with lavender extracts that are supposed to calm your body and soul. This herb proves to be beneficial for all those who are unable to sleep well. The foam is breathable and provides proper ventilation so that your body temperature may not increase.

Best Price Mattress Topper adds more support and comfort to your body. It is a memory foam topper that conforms to your body shapes. It is a safe and durable mattress topper that effectively protects your mattress from stains, sagging and moisture. This RV mattress topper comes with a 3-year warranty that increases its reliability. It is available in several standard sizes and easy to wash.



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A Quick Buying guide to buying a perfect mattress RV topper.

Several factors add value to the RV mattress topper and assist you in buying the one that makes your bed more comfortable so that you may be able to sleep well and wake up revitalized. Let’s look at some of the factors that influence your buying decision significantly.

The material of the topper

The first thing that matters the most is the material of the topper. If the material is not durable and comfortable, then it is useless to buy the mattress topper. Before going to buy the topper, you must decide which material suits you and your skin type.

The mattress toppers are available in different materials like wool, latex, cotton, feather, or egg crate. However, the memory foam and the latex are the most popular material among the RV owners because they are breathable and keep you cool in the summers while wool or feather is very lofty and soft but suitable in winters only because they retain heat inside and increase your body temperature.

The thickness of the mattress topper

You should choose the thickness of the topper according to several other factors. The thickness provides good support and comfort. However, if the weather is hot, then it is better to buy the topper that is not way too thick because the thick toppers retain heat. Moreover, you should also consider your weight while choosing the thickness of the mattress topper.


The right size means more convenience and greater comfort. The branded RV mattress toppers usually come in the standard bed sizes. But if you go to buy a local one, then it is recommended to measure the size of the mattress so that you may be able to get a topper that perfectly fits your mattress. Some toppers can be tailored according to your bed size, but they are suitable for those who do not have a standard size bed.


Durability is the factor that ranks above all, especially when we talk about buying something for the RV as it is not possible to stop and buy the item from anywhere if it wears down. The most durable material is latex, memory foam, or wool. The material lasts long and comes at an affordable price. However, it is useful to go through the reviews and find the downsides of the material, if any.

Advantages of a Mattress Topper


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my RV bed more comfortable?

Making the RV bed more comfortable is all you really need after a long day full of tiring activities. So, here RV mattress toppers come in to play. They are comfy and comfortable, easy to wash, and lightweight so that you can carry them around easily.

In order to make your bed more comfortable, it is important to buy the RV mattress topper according to your mattress size. Take note of the size mattress you have in your RV as they are not standard sizes.

Moreover, there are several comfy types of RV mattresses commonly available in the market like the feather bed topper or the pillow-top topper that are super-comfortable and make your bed like the one in heaven.

Which is better, memory foam or gel mattress topper?

Memory foam is designed to provide additional support and to cushion to your body. It is a soft and comfy material that adds great comfort to your bedtime. While the gel mattress is an upgraded form of the traditional memory foam that contains Gel microbeads, which keeps your body temperature low, it is a relatively costly material but far better than the former one if you have a good budget.

What thickness mattress topper should I get?

RV Mattress toppers usually come with a thickness of one inch to four inches. However, you should choose the thickness according to the body weight and the weather condition. Thick mattress topper usually retains heat, so it is better to buy the one closer to 2-inches because it is neither too thick and nor too thin to slip.

How do I keep my mattress topper from sliding?

Some mattress toppers come with the anti-slip lining; however, there is the way they can keep it from sliding. Cover your mattress tightly with the sheet and then with the topper so that it stays in its place. You can also use sheet straps and suspenders to do so.


Wrapping Up

So, these were the top-tier RV mattress toppers you would definitely love to buy. Go through our buying guide before purchasing so that you may be able to make the best decision for your sleeping time. We have included all the different types of Mattress Toppers with different varying features so that you may find one according to your need.