RV Jack pads and leveling blocks.

As a modern-day RVer who is well-traveled and well-versed in the world, you are entitled to vacation free of lopsidedness. A skewed RV can be highly uncomfortable, pose safety risks, and even cause your refrigerator to stop working. With the appropriate RV leveling system, you can avoid these difficulties. Understanding you need a leveling system for your RV is not just about knowing what leveling system is ideal for you. The list of leveling-related jargon goes on and on: leveling blocks, leveling jacks, leveling ramps, jack pads, wheel chocks, hydraulic leveling systems, stabilizer pads, stacker blocks, and so on. With so many possibilities, choosing the appropriate one for your RV may be difficult, so here is the rundown:





Although stabilizer jack pads are intended to support leveling jacks and keep them from buckling under load, they may also be used as a leveler. They go to great lengths to ensure that the jacks have a flat platform to stand on. Jack pads are flat, square-shaped
platforms that cushion the jack’s feet and support the weight of the jack and camper. Some jack pads will have a carrying handle and a method for transporting and storing them all together.


You may buy curved ramp-like levelers instead of stacking camper leveling pieces. If you are camping alone, these sorts of RV levelers are easy to operate because all you have to do is drive
back or forth onto them, and they set. Many come with wheel chocks, which allow you to couch the wheel(s) and keep them in place.


The majority of RV leveling blocks will be in the shape of giant Lego blocks. These
interconnecting blocks are roughly the size of a dinner plate and can support weights ranging
from 3,000 to 10,000 pounds.


Benefits of Leveling Blocks


Remove the guesswork from determining how much dirt to load beneath one tire or where to park your camper for optimal leveling. You may change the height of your RV in a variety of ways with RV leveling blocks, from the height of the RV to the height of the blocks.


RV leveling blocks can be utilized in a variety of other situations as well. Use it, for example, to raise your vehicle higher on one end so you can conduct some maintenance. When it’s time to go camping, toss those blocks in the RV, and you’re good to go.


RV leveling blocks, like jack stands and lifts, are long-lasting and reusable. They will wear out with time, just like any other tool, but you should be able to camp for years and years with just one pair of leveling blocks.




A pad intended to support jacks on recreational vehicles is known as an RV jack pad. Jack pads for RV come in various forms and sizes, making them easy to connect to the feet of a variety of jacks. Furthermore, today’s jack pads are made of plastic, rubber, and other comparable materials, which offer them strength while keeping them light.





10 Best RV Jack pads, and Leveling Blocks

1. Camco 44600 Universal Flex Pads for Leveling Blocks, 8.5” x 8.5” , Black

Camco 44600 RV jack pads are made of flexible material and great for use on uneven surfaces such as gravel, tree roots, and rough earth to help create a more even surface. It also helps prevent the leveling blocks from cracking due to uneven stress. Non-Slip Pads are UV resistant, weather-proof, and constructed of recycled materials.

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2. Camco RV Stabilizing Jack Pads, Helps Prevent Jacks From Sinking, 6.5 Inch x 9 Inch Pad – 4 Pack (44595), Yellow

Camco’s RV Stabilizer Jack Pads are used to help prevent RV jacks from sinking into the ground.  They are constructed of durable UV-stabilized resin for years of use. Their heavy-duty construction and rib design are optimized for increased strength. They have a built-in handle and a storage strap is included for easy storage. Be sure to use it flat side down to help prevent slipping and sinking. Contains 4 jack pads.

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3. Dock N Stow Trailer Jack Stand, Stabilizing Leveling Block Stores on Tongue Frame

Dock N Stow is the most efficient way to stabilize your trailer tongue jack. Not only can it support almost any jack stand, but you can also securely fasten Dock N Stow on almost any trailer frame.

Safely stored only an arm’s reach away, Dock N Stow mounts directly on your trailer frame. Our patent-pending design for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 versions is fully adjustable to fit most frames.

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4. Andersen  Jack Block with Magnets, 1 in Pack

The Andersen Hitches Jack Block eliminates nearly all movement in your parked RV or Trailer!  The Trailer Jack Block is extremely strong and durable and a plus is that it resists dirt and oil. You will be amazed at how solid everything is when using the Trailer Jack Block with your stabilizer jacks.


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5. yosager 10 Pack Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks, Ideal for Leveling Single and Dual Wheels, Camper Levelers, Tongue Jacks, Hydraulic Jacks, Stabilizer Jacks

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6. Hopkins 08200 Endurance RV Leveling System with Wheel Chock

Simple. Strong. Secure.
This Heavy-Duty RV Leveling Kit combines wood and reinforced plastic to create the most durable and easiest-to-use solution that every RV’er can depend on.

Innovative features work together to form a solid structure that keeps your RV level and in its place, providing you with a safer and more secure camping experience.

Combines wood and reinforced plastics
Just add 2x8x8 lumber
Instructions and video for easy assembly

Product Features

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7.Homeon Wheels Camper Leveler RV Leveling Blocks

The RV Leveling Blocks work with any RV, Trailer, or motor home weighing up to 30,000 pounds and with tires up to 32 inches in diameter. The levelers are roughly 7 inches wide and 8 inches long. The RV Leveling Blocks are capable of lifting your RV from ½ inch to 4 inches. Setup is relatively easy, leveling the RV in 5 minutes or less.

What has included:

With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, this product will surely give you the best bang for your buck. In general, previous buyers’ feedback is that the product is sturdy and easy to place. You can adjust the incline down by spacing out the blocks or moving them closer to lift your vehicle higher. Notably, the blocks worked exceptionally well with double-axle trailers.

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8. Camco FasTen 2×2 RV Leveling Blocks

The Camco Leveling Blocks allow you to stack the interlocking blocks to the desired height for safe and easy leveling. Each block adds a full 1 inch to stack height. Use with single wheels, double wheels, hydraulic jacks, tongue jacks, stabilizer jacks, Fifth wheel jacks, and tandem axles. The convenient handle quickly pulls up for carrying or twists down to secure blocks together for storage.

Camco’s FasTen Leveling Blocks 2×2 measure 8-1/2 inch x 8-1/2 inch each. Cleaning the Leveling Blocks are a breeze. Loosen dirt and debris with a water hose. Stack height should not exceed 4-1/2 inches.

What others are saying about the Camco Leveling Blocks,
The Camco Leveling Blocks are extremely durable. You can easily change a tire on a dual axle trailer.

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9. AP Products 47257 Super RV Jack Pad, (Pack of 4)

Place The Super RV Jack Pads under stabilizing jacks or hydraulic levelers. The Leveling pads protect the RV from sinking into dirt or gravel. Each leveling pad measures 14″ in height X 10″ wide and X 3/4″ thick and weighs less than 1 pound. The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty

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10. Homeon Wheels Stabilizing Jack Pads (4 PACK)

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