A high-quality RV flag pole is the ideal way to keep your flag safe and flying high at all times. The highest RV flag poles are secure, lightweight, and flexible. They’re an excellent method to demonstrate your support for your country, school, team, cause, or other organization. Read on to find out which product is best for keeping your flag flying safely and securely at your RV campsite, whether you’re seeking exceptional pricing, mobility, durability, adaptability, or a user-friendly alternative.

10 Highly Rated RV Flag Poles

RV Flag Pole1. Sports Flags Pennants Company Tailgating Portable 23′ Flag Pole and Tire Wheel Base

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2. FlagPole Buddy RV Flag Pole Kit 16 Feet

Flagpole Buddy is your Complete RV Flag Pole System. There’s nothing else like it on the market. Are you tired of climbing up your RV and spending time trying to get your flag up, only to find that it’s not sturdy enough to stay up to winds?

Never fret again. After the quick installation, you can quickly put up and take down any flag of your choice in a matter of seconds. Not only is it quick, but it is super sturdy and stable. It has been tested and built to withstand even the harshest desert winds.

This RV Flag pole offers a patented pivoting “twist” holder that mounts near the top of the ladder and allows the pole to be installed from ground level, and provides built to last support. The lower cup mount secures the bottom of the pole. The pole isn’t clamped to the ladder; it is free to rotate with the wind. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a Flagpole Buddy and save yourself tons of time and trouble. It was created and built by an RVer for all RVer’s around the world.


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3. Aluminum RV Flag Pole and Wind Sock Pole Mount for RV LADDERS – Adjustable

ADJUSTABLE ALUMINUM FLAG AND WINDSOCK POLE MOUNT FOR LADDER (SET) Tired of climbing up your RV and spending hours trying to get your Flag up, only to find that it’s not sturdy enough to stay up to winds? This adjustable mount easily attaches to your RV’s ladder and can handle a varied size of poles. It’s not like many of the one sizes fits all mounts; this high-strength adjustable mount can be used on nearly all types of poles and easily adjusts to fit the size of your pole.

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4. Flagpole Buddy 2 inch Flagpole Mount 106201

This FlagPole Buddy 6 Piece 2.0 Mount Set is proudly Made in America. Mounts are designed to hold most 2.0-inch diameter poles. The Mount is made out of fiberglass-filled nylon, which improves UV protection. Typically supports 20 ft pole and up. Includes Nuts & Bolts (Pole not included). Make your RV stand out by adding your unique flag for everyone to see. This FlagPole Buddy Mount will help keep your flag flying high and straight for a long time.

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5. The Traveler RV American Flag 12″x18″ Inches Heavy Duty Carbon 24” Flag Pole with Suction Cup Mount

PROUDLY DISPLAY YOUR AMERICAN FLAG This flag is great for celebrating national US holidays like Labor Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day, Veterans Day, Flag Day, New Years Day. Everyday display for your home or the RV. 

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6. HiTow Hitch Mount Flagpole Holder for 2″ Hitch Receivers Flag Travel, 8.5″ or 11.5″ Length Black Powder

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7. HANDYGO Hitch Mount RV Flagpole Holder – with Anti-Wobble Screws and Anti-Rust Drainage Hole, Universal for Standard 2 Inch Hitch Receiver, Black

HANDYGO Hitch Mount Flagpole Holder solid and durable, Convenient, easy to install, no tools required; slide mount into the hitch receiver and lock into place using the hitch pin.

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8. E-cowlboy Hitch Mount RV Flagpole Holder for Jeep SUV RV Pickup Car Truck Camper Trailer Universal for Standard 2 inch Hitch Receivers

E-cowlboy Hitch Mount RV Flagpole Holder for Jeep SUV RV Pickup Car Truck Camper Trailer Universal for Standard 2 inch Hitch ReceiversPerfectly fit for Jeep, SUV, RV, Pickup, Truck, Camper, Trailer, and any vehicle with standard 2″ hitch receiver. Widely fit all poles up to 1.32″ diameter.

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9. Yeshom 25ft Telescopic Aluminum RV Flag Pole + Wheel Tire Mount Stand Kit w/ 3’x5′ Us Flag 

Package Contents:

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10. Hi-Flame HMFH-01 Hitch Mount Flagpole Holder, Black

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Telescoping RV flag poles are ideal for individuals who want to fly their flags as high as possible. When completely stretched, telescoping flag poles can reach heights of up to 20 feet. The greatest thing about this type of flag pole is that it can be lowered and easily stored inside your RV when you’re on the drive.


RV flag poles made of PVC are the lightweight of the two primary types. This kind of RV flag pole can generally stand on the ground or the top of your RV when parked without requiring any mounts. PVC Flag Pole is the most common and inexpensive selection; however, displaying your flag while camping in your RV is still a great idea.



Low maintenance. The fact that most new RV flag poles are low-maintenance is a considerable advantage. Make sure you get a high-quality rustproof and corrosion-resistant product.
Style. Another advantage of RV flag poles is that they are spotless and gleaming. They give your RV a powerful sense of flair and are simple to clean with detergent and a soft, dry cloth.
Support. The ability to express your support is perhaps the most apparent advantage of a high-quality RV flag pole. A flag pole allows you to proudly display and fly your flag, whether it’s to promote your country, school, team, or anything else.




To maintain your flag flying upright at all times, the type of mount or holder for your RV flag pole is essential. Hitch mounts are the most affordable and straightforward to use for the various types of holders. The most popular style of holder is a ladder mount. As long as you have a ladder on the back of your RV, these are an excellent alternative. Another dependable sort of holding is tire mounts. They’re designed to attach beneath your RV’s parked tires, and they’re a terrific alternative to a ladder if you don’t have one.


Another significant factor to consider is the material used to create your RV flag pole. Plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, and other metallic alloys can be used to make RV flag poles. All of these materials can produce a reliable flag pole for your RV, depending on your budget and whether you want a lightweight model.


The total height required for your flag pole and the extension length is critical factors. You don’t want to buy a flag pole that isn’t high enough to be seen from your RV. You also don’t want to get a flag pole that is too high and gets stuck in the trees when you’re camping. Many RV flag poles are available in a variety of lengths to suit your needs and budget.

When purchasing an RV flag pole, find one that is within your budget. Some are pricey, but they last a long time. Some RV owners prefer cheaper flag poles since they are more readily accessible and easy to replace.


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