RV Cleaners

Prompt maintenance of your RV or camper is essential to improve its performance and durability. The body of the RV needs to be cleaned with suitable products that save it from pollutants and dust. RV cleaners should not have any harmful ingredients that could potentially react with the material of the RV’s body and cause any damage.

Finding RV cleaners that are best at cleaning and economical to affords is quite a challenge. Several products in the market claim to be efficient at RV cleaning but are too expensive or mediocre at cleaning. There are also several questions that customers have in their head when purchasing RV cleaners. Is the cleaner only suitable for external use, or can be used for the inside of the RV? Will it help exterminate any pests in the RV? Can it cause any harm to the paint of the RV? And more.

If you haven’t yet found the right RV cleaner, search no more as you have landed on the page that will resolve all your issues regarding RVs. For each product, we will answer all your questions and concerns.


15 Best Cleaners for your RV


1. Bugs N All 1 Gal. Concentrate Makes 32 Qts. Pre-Wash Vehicle Cleaner – Bug Splatter and Black Streak Remover. Includes an EMPTY 32 oz. Spray Bottle – Will Not Remove Wax!

ProSol Bugs N All uses Smart Technology to effectively clean splatter, grease, and grime by neutralizing and releasing the acids they contain. We are saying that Bugs N All turns Bug Splatter into mush in about 60 Seconds and releases dirt, grime, grease, and stains in seconds. In addition, Bugs N All is a tough multi-use vehicle cleaner, yet gentle enough to leave the paint, wax, polish, decals, and clear coat untouched.

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2. Bio-Kleen RV Roof Cleaner & Protectant

Bio-Kleen M02407 Roof Clean and ProtectThe next on the list of best RV cleaners in the market is Bio-Kleen RV Roof Cleaner & Protectant. It is known for removing oxidation, black streaks, and general build-up that happens to be found on the RV rubber roof. It not only cleans the surface of your RV but also protects it from harmful toxins in the environment. The strong SPF 70 is the ideal product to save your RV from harmful UV rays from the sun for up to six months.

The RV cleaner is free of any harsh abrasives, petroleum solvents, or citrus ingredients that can erode the body of the RV. Bio-Kleen, as the name implies, is environment friendly and biodegradable too.

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3. Camco’s Pro-Strength Pro-Tec Rubber Roof Care system

Camco Pro-Tec RV Rubber Roof Care System - Two Step Treatment Rids Dirt and Grime and Reduces Roof Chalking | Extends the Life of RV & Trailer Rubber Roofs - 2 GallonsCamco’s Pro-Strength Pro-Tec system is the go-to product of many campers for deep cleaning RV rubber roofs. Its 2-step protection formula is proven to protect your RV’s roof from UV rays. It also reduces the chances of roof chalking and keeps the roof intact for a longer time.

Camco’s Pro-Strength Pro-Tec Rubber Roof Care system contains a gallon of rubber roof cleaner and a gallon of rubber roof protectors. It is specifically useful for cleaning road grime, grease, tree sap, and oxidation.

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4. Star Brite Aqua Water Tank and System Flush

Star Brite AQUA Water Tank and RV System FlushStar Brite Aqua Water Tank and System Flush is a viable option for deep cleaning your RV’s freshwater tank. It is a complete system that is not only used as an RV cleaner for tanks but also for pipes and faucets. It has mainly been designed to remove the foul smell and taste from the tank water. A moderate amount of Star Brite AQUA solution added to the tank is enough to treat all the water.
With over 4.8 ratings on Amazon, Star Brite is a useful product for RV cleaning.

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5. Reliable 1 Super Spray All-Purpose Cleaner

Reliable 1 Super Spray All-Purpose CleanerDesigned for RV and marine use and household, auto, and industrial use. Just spray on and wipe off. Cuts through grease and grime and is safe to use. Non-toxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable. Works great on rubber, vinyl, plastic, floors, and hard surfaces. Also works great on black streaks and as a spot treatment before washing clothes or cleaning carpets.

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6. Johnsen (Tech Chemicals) 4606 Battery Cleaner

Johnsen's 4606 Battery Terminal Cleaner

Since the RV is always on the road, it is frequently exposed to pollutants, resulting in rusting of the battery terminals. Corroded terminals affect the battery’s performance.

The RV cleaner ensures a longer battery life, neutralizes acid spills and improves starting by protecting the terminals from corrosion.

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7. Camco Dual Flush Pro Holding Tank Rinser with Gate Valve

Camco Pro-Tec RV Rubber Roof Care System - Two Step Treatment Rids Dirt and Grime and Reduces Roof Chalking | Extends the Life of RV & Trailer Rubber Roofs For complete cleaning of your RV’s septic system, Camco Dual Flush Pro is the right choice. The system forces water up into the plumbing lines and removes all the clogs. It also allows users to backfill and then flush the grey water tank. It comes with a break-resistant and transparent polycarbonate adapter that makes it easy to see the water through.

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8. Waterless RV Aircraft Boat Wash Wax Mop Kit/Bug Scrubber Mini Mop

Aero Cosmetics Waterless RV Aircraft Boat Wash Wax Mop with Deluxe Pole Kit and Bug Scrubber/Mini Mop No Ladder Needed Wash Wax Dry Anywhere AnytimeIf you are looking for a mop kit/ scrubber that has been categorically designed for RVs, Waterless RV Aircraft Boat is your product. Unlike other cleaning products on the market, this doesn’t require any water. You can clean and wax your RV and make it look radiant anywhere.

With the adjustable handle of the mop, you call clean and scrub your RV without straining your back or knees. Once it is sparkling clean, wax it to protect it from scorching heat and harmful pollutants. It is a complete RV cleanup kit with brushes, scrubs, wash wax, wash all degreasers, spray bottles, etc.

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9. 303 (30320) UV Protectant Gallon

303 (30320) Products Aerospace Protectant - Ultimate UV Protection - Keeps Vinyl, Rubber, & Plastic Looking Newer, Longer - Prevents Fading And Cracking - Restores Lost Color And Luster, 1 GallonCleaning your RVs timely is one thing. But to ensure ultimate care, you should also use an additional protectant that keeps it protected days after the wash. 303 UV Protectant is an optimal choice for the task. It is suitable for protecting rubber, vinyl, and plastic. Blocking harmful UV rays prevents these materials from cracking or fading.

When applied and clean, the solution leaves no greasiness behind. Instead, it results in a dry matte finish that is odor-free. For easy use, it comes in a spray. Apart from using it on your vehicle, you can also use a 303 UV protector for your cleaning activities at home.

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10. AIDEA Microfiber Detailing Towel

AIDEA Microfiber Detailing Towel, Cleaning Cloth Drying Towel, Scratch-Free, Strong Water Absorption Cleaning Cloth for Cars, SUVs, RVs, Trucks, and Boats, (16 in. x 24 in.)- 6PK YellowMany people invest thousands of bucks on their RV cleaners but rarely take their cleaning cloth drying towels seriously. Once all the cleaning has been done, these towels give your vehicle its final sparkling touch. And if you want a supreme quality, well-absorbing drying towel, AIDEA has the best to cater to your needs.

AIDEA microfiber detailing towel comes with high-quality woven microfibers that give your RV its finishing look. These towels cleaned the surface well and absorbed an excess cleaner on it. After use, these towels can easily be washed and dried for another cleaning session.

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11. Awning Cleaner and Black Streak Remover

RV Awning Cleaner and Black Streak RemoverIf you are looking for an RV cleaner that has been specifically designed for removing black streaks, Awning Cleaner and Black Streak Remover are what you should buy. With an easy to you spray container, it leaves your RV’s trailer coaches spotless and sparkling. It comes in a gallon bottle that is enough for an extended period.

Along with black streaks, it can also be used to remove tree sap, bugs, grime, grease, and air pollutants. It is safe to be used on fiberglass, paint, and RV decals.

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12. Bio Kleen M00505 Black Streak Remover

Bio Kleen M00505 RV Black Streak RemoverThe last one on the list of best RV cleaners is Bio Kleen Black Streak remover. This multi-purpose cleaner is quite popular among users for efficiently removing oil strains and black grease. It is a concentrated solution that needs to be diluted as per use. Spray it on a towel and wipe the greasy surface to remove all the dirt.

Bio Kleen is non-aerosol and fully biodegradable. Our product can be used on boats, trailers, garages, and in-house cleaning.

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