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10 Best RV Bike Racks

RV Bike RackWhether it is for that long-awaited mountain trail or a short trip to the camp store for an ice cream cone, a bike can be an essential toy for some RV owners.

With limited storage as is in most RV’s stuffing a bike in there is often inconvenient and makes the limited room even more limited. To this problem, buying an RV bike rack can be the best solution. 

You can install the rack in your preferable place just outside the RV. It saves you from losing the storage capacity of your RV and lets you bring more than one bike depending on which bike rack you install. This article intends to help you with the necessary information about recognizing the best RV bike rack in the market by answering some crucial questions.


What are the best RV bike racks for you and your RV? To find that out you need to consider the followings:

  1. How many bikes did you want the rack to hold?
  2. What type of bike rack you prefer and which suits your RV. 
  3. How easy it is to install the rack & convenience of use
  4. Preferred weight capacity of the rack
  5. Corrosion and Rust-resistant construction


If you are looking for at Bike Rack for a Car, SUV or Truck, Check out 13 Best Thule Bike Rack Hitch for Cars and Trucks.



Top-Rated RV Bike Racks

1. Swagman TRAVELER XC2 RV Bike Racks

2 Bike Platform Hitch RV Bike Racks

The best value RV bike racks. RV approved made to haul your bikes behind your RV, 5th wheel, or trailer.

The Swagman Traveler XC2 Bike Racks are put through a rigorous testing program to ensure they can handle the extra stress of being towed behind an RV. You can be confident the Swagman Traveler XC2 will provide the ultimate in reliability, getting your bikes to their destination safely.

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2. HYPERAX Volt RV Hitch Mounted E Bike Rack Carrier for RV, Camper, Motorhome, Trailer, Toad with 2 inch Class 3 or Higher Hitch Fits Up to 2x 70lbs E Bike MTB Gravel Road Bike with Up to 5-inch Fat Tire

HYPERAX Hitch Mounted Bike Rack for RV / Volt RV

140lb Max Load

The HYPERAX RV Bike Rack Featuring a strengthened hitch mount designed to fit Class 3 or higher hitch receivers. Hyperax bike rack gives you extra safety on the road. Enjoy your camping trips on your RV trailer, and let us do the heavy lifting.

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3. Swagman RV Approved Around the Spare Deluxe Bike Rack

Easily haul your bikes on all your RV adventures.

Designed to fit around a 4″ – 4.5″ continuously welded bumper, the AROUND THE SPARE DELUXE is RV Approved, meaning that it’s designed to handle the extra stress of being on the back of an RV.

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4. Elevate Outdoor RV or Camper Trailer Bumper Bike Rack for 1-2 Bicycles

Elevate Outdoor Two-Bike RV Bumper Bike Rack

Make bicycle transportation for long camping trips easy with the Elevate Outdoor RV Bike Rack. This bumper bike rack is designed from heavy-duty tubular steel and has a rust-preventative black powder coat finish. It provides a safe, effective means for securing bicycles to RV campers. Installation is a breeze! Line up the carrier rack and fasten the U-bolts to a square 4″ to 4.5″ RV bumper along with the bike carrier racks and the “L” style tie-down bracket. This RV Bike rack comes with all of the necessary hardware for rack installation.

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5. Elevate Outdoor RV or Camper Trailer Bumper Bike Rack for 1-4 Bicycles

Elevate Outdoor 1-4 -Bike RV Bumper Bike Rack

Make bicycle transportation for long camping trips easy with the Elevate Outdoor RV Bike Rack. This bumper bike rack is designed from heavy-duty tubular steel and has a rust-preventative black powder coat finish. It provides a safe, effective means for securing bicycles to RV campers. Installation is a breeze! Line up the carrier rack and fasten the U-bolts to a square 4″ to 4.5″ RV bumper along with the bike carrier racks and the “L” style tie-down bracket. This RV Bike rack comes with all of the necessary hardware for rack installation.

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6. Tow Tuff TTF-2762KR Steel Cargo Carrier with Bike Rack

Tow Tuff brings you the TTF-2762KR Steel Cargo Carrier with Bike Rack. 2-in-1 bike rack and cargo carrier, perfect for a variety of hauling needs. The Tow Tuff Cargo Carrier measures 27″ x 62″ x 3″ deep, which gives you plenty of room to take care of a variety of different loads. The unique design of this carrier allows it to function as a cargo carrier or as a bike rack by simply removing the pins to turn the bike rack into a cargo carrier. The adjustable wheel holder and tie-down holes secure the bike(s) in place when using the carrier as a bike rack. With ample room for four bikes, this rack is a perfect size. The weight capacity is 500 lbs. for a heavy-duty cargo carrier. This cargo carrier fits all 2″ receivers to mount onto your vehicle quickly. Includes a strap for securing your cargo in place.

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7. Quick Products QP-RBM4R RV Bumper-Mounted 4-Bike Rack , Black

Put that RV bumper of yours to use and add some fun to your trips with the Bumper-Mounted 4-Bike Rack from Quick Products! The rack features two platforms that easily mount to your 4″ to 4.5″ square bumper and give you completely customizable control over the width, ensuring that your bike fits perfectly every time. Slotted tire wells hold each bike securely, while convenient stabilizer posts provide an anchor to support and fasten your bikes. Will not fit fat-tire bicycles or bicycles with wheels over 29″. Weight should not exceed 30 lbs. per bicycle. Caution: Before installation, be aware that RV manufacturers may place load restrictions on their vehicleÕs bumpers. These load restrictions must be followed to create a safe RVing experience. If you are unaware of your bumperÕs load restrictions, please consult your manufacturer for information to ensure safe use. Install only on continuous-weld steel bumpers.

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8. Swagman 3 RV Bike Racks 

This economically priced, single-arm three bike carrier accommodates bikes of different sizes and frames. The flexible top plate secures your bikes in the soft-Kraton vinyl padded cradles. The cushion helps to protect your bike and provides extra gripping power. Its steel construction makes this a long-lasting and durable rack. The anti-rattle hitch pin holds the frame steady. This rack is RV-approved and recommended for the back of RVs, 5th Wheels, and motorhomes.

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9. Swagman 4 Bike Bumper Rack (RV Approved)

The 4-Bike Standard RV bike racks from Swagman transport up to four bikes behind your RV or motor home on a 4″ to 4.5″ square RV bumpers. Built reliable, the frame features a swedge design to facilitate quick and easy assembly and disassembly.  Swagman RV Approved 4-Bike Bumper Rack can accommodate different top tube sizes. The rack offers a generous weight capacity of 35 pounds per bike.

  • Transport up to 4 bikes
  • 4″ to 4.5″ square RV bumpers
  • New swedge design facilitates quick and easy assembly and disassembly for storage
  • Recommended for the back of RV’s
  • Product Review

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10. Futura GP RV Bike Racks for Travel Trailer (Tongue A-Frame Hitch Mount Rack) (2-Inch Receiver)

Are you tired of riding with your trailer, being afraid of losing your bikes?

As we know, our roads are full of imperfections, our products, placed on the front of the trailer, don’t feel their effects. Putting the weight in front of the trailer increases safety because it’s more stable. Our products are placed as close to the trailer as possible. allowing you to turn correctly with your vehicle. You will have peace of mind because you will see your bikes at any time.

Technical Description 0f the Trailer Rack

Technical Description of the Bike Rack

The bike rack made of 95% aluminum, which makes it ultra-light (13 lbs).


Safety cable
Hitch pin

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RV Bumper Receiver Adaptors.


Quick Products QPRBAB Deluxe RV Bumper Receiver Adapter – 2”

The heavy-duty Deluxe RV Bumper Receiver Adapter turns your bare bumper into a 2” receiver, giving you the ability to add a bike rack or storage tote to your RV where you would not have been able to before. This heavy-duty adapter mounts underneath your existing 4” x 4” bumper, and its receiver fits standard 2” tubes. 200 lb. Tongue weight capacity.

  • Heavy-duty adapter bolts onto existing 4” x 4” RV bumper
  • Accepts 2” cargo carrier tube
  • 200 lb. tongue weight capacity
  • NOT intended for towing purposes
  • One-year replacement warranty

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PMD Products RV Camper 4″ or 4-1/2″ Bumper Mount Hitch Receiver Adapter for Bike Toter Cargo Rack

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Camco 48473 Eaz Lift RV Bumper Hitch | Allows You to Mount Hitch-Mounted Accessories to Your RV Bumper | For Standard 4″ Bumpers

The RV bumper hitch clamps onto your 4-inch square RV bumper, creating a hitch receiver without drilling or permanent installation. The 2-inch hitch receiver is ideal for lightweight applications, such as bike and cargo racks. The heavy-duty, durable powder-coated steel is corrosion resistant and built to last. Y

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CURT 19101 Camper Receiver, 3,500 lbs. Hitch for 2 x 4-Inch RV Bumper

A CURT RV hitch is a trailer hitch that mounts onto the back of a recreational vehicle to add extra cargo space. These hitches manufactured using CURT’s quality processes of robotic welding, thorough cleaning, and precise finishing. Our RV bumper hitches are coated with a liquid Bonderite coating followed by a gloss black powder coat finish for lasting resistance against wear and corrosion, and they offer a 2″ x 2″ receiver tube opening. This particular bumper hitch features a gross trailer weight capacity of 3,500 lbs. And a tongue weight capacity of 350 lbs., making it an excellent choice for towing a bike rack, cargo carrier, boat trailer, or small utility trailer behind your RV.

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HiTow Drop-Down Bumper 2 inch Receiver Adapter for 4×4 inch Bumper Trailer Towing Cargo Carrier Bike Racks

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Bike Rack Hitch Mounts


Stromberg Carlson Bike Bunk Trailer-Mounted Bike Rack Carrier for A-Frame Trailers – 2″-100 lbs.

STROMBERG Carlson Bike Bunk – The first trailer tongue cargo carrying system. Adjustable to fit most A-frame trailers on the road today. Up to 100 pounds can be supported, and your tow vehicle suspension guarantees this is the softest riding area on your trailer. A raised receiver on the A-frame is the perfect place to put your bikes. Bike Bunk allows any RV bike racks designed for a 2-inch receiver to fit. Your application will be determined by turning the radius and positioning of the rack. Bike Bunk.

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Swagman STRADDLER Trailer Hitch Bike Mount Adapter

The Straddler gives the travel trailer owners the ability to mount RV bike racks on the nose of their travel trailer. This innovative rack will clamp onto the triangular frame, telescoping, and rotating legs and allow for fitting to a variety of trailer designs with the capability of rising over even 30 lb. LP tanks.

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What makes the bike rack RV approved?

RV approved bike rack is that the brand has tested a specific model of bike rack for an RV use, and the model is approved. And if the customer decides to use the rack despite not being RV approved, the company will not give any warranty if the rack is damaged. 

A bike rack is RV approved if it can withstand the additional movement of an RV created from its longer wheelbase when installed at the back of an RV. The longer distance between the rear of an RV and the rear wheels puts extra strain on the bike rack or anything that carried on a trailer hitch receiver. So before buying a bike rack for your RV, make sure to check whether the bike rack is RV approved or not.


Can you put a bike rack on a travel trailer?

Travel trailers are portable containers with all the facilities of a home, and they can be connected with any SUV, van, or truck with the required weight capacity. It is the most common type of RV that is non-motorized. 

You can put a specific type of bike rack on a travel trailer that is a hitch-mounted bike rack. This bike rack can carry up to 4 bikes at once. It is used to carry bikes on the front of the Travel trailer so the driver can see the bikes from his seat. The most significant benefit of a hitch mount bike is that it can be used on the tow vehicle when the trailer is not attached.


How do I strengthen my travel trailer bumper?

If your travel trailer bumper is below 27’, we suggest you do not do anything to your travel trailer because numerous RV owners have reported having issues with isolation and trailer bumper being broken from trying to strengthen the bumper. These travel trailers and their tow vehicle are unable to withhold the additional weight that RV owners often try to put on by modifying the bumper.

If your travel trailer is over 27’, you can strengthen your bumper, and we will suggest you visit a professional for the reinforcement. The technician will enhance the bumper according to your demand and the capacity of the tow vehicle. 

The benefits of strengthening your bumper are that you can add loads to the predetermined weight capacity. But at the same time, if not, the task was not carried out by a professional, you have to keep the risk of breaking the bumper or failing to isolate in mind while driving.


How much weight can a trailer bumper hold?

The weight capacity of a trailer bumper depends on a few things.

a 23’ travel trailers bumper can hold up to 150lbs, as the length increases the trailer bumper can hold up to 350lbs. If you strengthen and reinforce your bumper with sturdy material, the bumpers can hold up to 500lbs without any worries.


What size hitch do I need for a bike rack?

If you already have the rack, measure the shank at the bottom of the rack, if it measures   2 x 2 inches, you will need a class 3 or class 2 hitch receiver. If it measures 1-¼ x 1-¼ inches, then you need to determine whether you want a class 1 or class 2 hitch.

The class of a hitch receiver indicates the tongue weight capacity of the RV. Hitch receivers of class 1 to 3 is for most of types bikes out there, and the weight capacity is up to 80lbs.


How much weight can a bike rack hold?

Almost all types of bikes weigh less than 60 pounds. Children, commuters, e-bikes weigh under 35 lbs. Trunk bike rack can hold at least 35lbs. If the rack can hold multiple bikes, then the weight capacity goes up to 120lbs.  Hitch racks can carry more weight, up to 190lbs starting from 60lbs.


Final Words

A single article falls short of providing all the information and guidelines of what is the best RV bike rack and other related factors. But we hope we could deliver the essentials, and this article clears out all your confusion and worries. 


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