Buyer’s Guide – The Perfect RV Awning Lights

How to Choose the Perfect RV Awning Lights Exterior. Every RV owner has wished their vehicle to have some nice waterproof LED lighting. These lights are going to brighten your vehicle, your campsite, and create a comfortable ambiance whenever you feel like it.

Let’s assume you are in search of RV awning lights for a camping trip you are about to plan with your family. This guide has you covered.

Factors to Look For When Buying RV Awning Lights

It can be a bit intimidating to choose the right awning lights when such a huge variety is available. You must set up criteria for yourself to buy the right ones. Consider these factors:

Types of Lights

The type of lights you choose will naturally depend on your taste and the type of camping adventure you are heading towards. For instance, if you like to through parties in the woods around the campsite and you are going to invite lots of people, choose rope or hanging lights.

On the other hand, if you need multi-functional lights which you can use on your porch later, then choose porch lights. If you would like to save energy, then go for the solar-powered lights.

Feel free to choose the awning lights based on purpose and usage. First, figure out the purpose and then choose from the options available on the market.


Now comes the color. Many people naturally incline towards yellow light but there are other options too. Color plays a big part in enlightening your mood. It also changes the ambiance. Bright colors boost energy whereas warm colors help relax. These are your options:

Yellow and orange are warm colors whereas blue and white are cool colors. Natural light is also an option and it shines like the sun.


Before settling for the awning lights for RV, don’t forget to check the voltage. It usually ranges from 10 to 30 volts. The most recommended voltage is 12.

Weather Resistant Quality

You never know what kind of weather you and your family would face when you are out camping. To stay safe, choose weatherproof RV awning lights exterior that can survive rain, snow, and any other kind of weather damage. You must have peace of mind leaving the lights outside without worrying about damaging them. Weatherproof lights are also shockproof. Even if some strips of the light are blown away by the wind, the polymer material won’t damage the product.


Always check the number of hours the lights can last. In other words, before buying them, check their power and durability. This way, you will know how many hours they can last before burning out. Choose the lights that come with aluminum heat sink for longevity.

Price and Brand

Don’t forget to pay attention to the brand. Ideally, reputable brands promise the highest quality. But their lights might be a little costly. Don’t prefer cheaper lights over costly ones to save money. The cheaper version will burn out soon and eventually, you will be spending more bucks than you initially planned to. Use your judgment to choose lights that are a perfect balance of affordability and quality.



Benefits of RV Awning Lights.

Exterior RV Awning lights exterior for your RV can turn your dull and unexciting vehicle into a vibrant one. Planning to buy these lights? Great idea. Look into these benefits:

Perfect Party Companions

Lights play a huge part in creating an ambiance when you are throwing a party. With the right colors and style, you can bring your party to life and set everyone’s mood. Choose bright yellow light to add more energy to the room. If you are going to be sitting under the night stars, its best to choose light colors.

A Beacon to Locate Your Place

Campers have to leave trails behind them when they are out exploring the woods. The only problem is these trails get blown away by the wind. Why not use awning lights to make your camping place more visible so that you don’t lose your way?

These LED lights are bright and easy to locate from a distance. On a side note, they won’t get blown away by the wind.

Power Savers

Solar LED awning lights to save energy significantly. You won’t be using much electricity to light them up. Solar awning lights are one of the best savers of electricity because they are powered by the sun.

Easy Installation

You don’t have to be a professional to install awning lights for RV. Simply hang them on your vehicle and they are ready to light up. These lights can be controlled remotely. You don’t need an extra switch to light to turn them, which is why they are best for traveling.


These lights are a cost-effective way of lighting up your RV. Other than this, since you don’t need electricity to light them, they won’t cost you much.

How to Install RV Awning Lights?

Found the right type of awning lights for your vehicle? Great. Now comes the task of installing them. Don’t worry, the process is straightforward. Once the lights are delivered to your place, cut each strip of the light in the length you want. It’s best to measure your RV to make sure the strips match the length of your vehicle. After this, connect the lights to the power source of your RV. If you are doing it for the first time, follow the instruction manual regarding wiring the RV. The manual comes with the lights.

A great feature of these lights is that they have adhesive material at the back of the strip and stick them to the rails of your awning. You can also add another layer of adhesive (Silicon glue or mounting tape, either one of them can be used) to secure them.


Each RV is different and used for different purposes. Invest in the type of awning lights for RV depending on how you use your vehicle; whether you use it for going on road trips, camping, or across the country with your family. Hopefully, you now have all the necessary information to choose the best awning lights.