Reese Weight Distribution Hitches

Is it the Reese Weight Distribution Hitches you’re looking for? If that’s the case, you’ve landed in the right place. Do you want to buy a big trailer that you can tow with your truck or SUV? Do you want to drive your boat trailer, horse trailer, or even your mobile home in a more stable manner? A good weight distributing hitch should be considered at that time.

Many drivers, in reality, pay little heed to such devices. If you spend a lot of time on the road, though, it should be a considerable investment. The objective of the finest weight distribution hitch is to provide a balanced and smooth ride on the road for the towing vehicle. That means it’s easier and more convenient to tow up to the trailer hitch’s maximum weight capacity without having to worry about the vehicle drooping or having issues.



Want to tow lumber, livestock, sporting, or camping gear with a hitch designed just for your vehicle? You’re in good hands with Reese! The most durable and dependable hitches on the market, built for safety and strength.

You’ll want to conduct some study on this equipment before making a final selection because it plays a vital part in keeping you safe while driving. Because there are so many alternatives on the market, we’ve narrowed it down. We’ll give you a look at sophisticated towing systems through some of the top Reese Weight Distribution Hitches. Continue reading now!



Reese Pro Series 49901 Complete Weight Distribution Kit

At a reasonable price, this is one of the most effective Reese’s weight distribution hitches available. The entire package includes everything you’ll need to increase your towing performance.

The friction sway control is impressive, with noticeable stability. It’s a good idea to pre-install and torque the sway control ball so that it may be used right away to reduce trailer sway. Meanwhile, the components themselves are relatively heavy, indicating that they are constructed of solid steel. Many experts believe the model provides incredible value for money.

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Reese 49911 Round Bar Weight Distribution Kit with Integrated Sway, 6,000 lbs. (GTW), 600 lbs. (TW)

The Reese 49911 Round Bar Weight Distribution Kit with an Integrated Sway weight distribution system is directed to provide more features and superior ride performance to other systems and is designed to distribute weight and reduce trailer sway evenly.

This total weight distributing hitch includes a 2-5/16 inch hitch ball pre-installed and torqued to the hitch head, tapered spring bars for a smooth ride, no-drill clamp-on control brackets, lift assist bar, hardware and 8-1/2 inch deep drop, 2-inch square hitch bar (shank) for today’s taller trucks. 

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Reese 49912 Round Bar Weight Distribution Kit with Integrated Sway, 8,000 lbs. (GTW), 800 lbs. (TW)

The Reese Pro Round Bar weight distribution system is a complete Package. The weight distribution system includes a 2-5/16 inch hitch ball pre-installed and torqued to the hitch head, no-drill clamp-on control brackets, lift assist bar, hardware and 8-1/2 inch deep drop, 2-inch square hitch bar (shank) for today’s taller trucks. It has a limited lifetime warranty.

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Reese 66130 High-Performance Trunnion Kit

One of the modern-day Reese Weight Distribution Hitches is the 66130. This Reese Weight Distribution Hitch employs various cutting-edge technology to provide the smoothest and most balanced towing experience possible. Best of all, because U-bolts are not required with this kit, installing the model is simple. Because of these qualities, it is one of the best weight distribution hitches for your travel trailer available.

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Reese 49903 Round Bar Weight Distribution Kit with Integrated Sway, 10,000 lbs. (GTW), 1,000 lbs. (TW)

Its initial strengths are high performance and safe towing, which will undoubtedly assuage the drivers’ fears. Thanks to the pre-installed sway control, there’s no need to spend hours balancing your hitch and towing vehicle specs. The model’s balls and sway control are all pre-torqued, so it’s easy to use with U-Bolts or chains.

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Reese 66559 Steadi-Flex Trunnion Weight-Distributing Hitch Kit with Shank – 10,000 lb.

The Reese Towpower 66067 Weight Distributing Hitch is another option since it provides a smoother and more even ride. It’s comforting to know that it’s well-suited to applying leverage to big weights.

After all, attaching this equipment to a trailer or other movable vehicle might result in significant modifications in driving control while still assuring awe-inspiring performance and excellent quality for years.



Reese buys metals from reputable steel mills with a track record of success. Third-party laboratories conduct chemical audits on metals regularly. Reese is proud of its high-quality production method, including inducting heating and shaping, which enables tapering bars for improved comfort and performance. Special procedures are used to remove scale and compression-set high-stress surfaces, and the bars are manufactured for high strength and outstanding durability. The spring rate, maximum strength, and fatigue life of spring bars are all physically evaluated. A satisfactory heat treat outcome is ensured by hardness testing and microscopic inspection. Reese offers a limited lifetime warranty on their equipment.



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