A portable toilet is a specially designed toilet for use on camping trips, hunting, fishing, etc. The best Portable toilet will be comfortable, reliable, and won’t give off any odor. When it comes time to take your adventure away from the city out onto the open country roadways, having one of these toilets can instantly improve your quality of life. While eliminating constant bathroom breaks at rest stops or doing business in nature! 

In this article, we’ll explore the best and most innovative portable toilets. Get ready to take your bathroom with you on all of your exciting trips!


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Serene Life Outdoor Portable Toilet

This model from Serene Life is perfect for those who want a toilet that doesn’t take up too much space and weighs only 11 pounds. These portable toilets are easily transported, meaning they will not cause your hands to become sore, carrying it around with you on any outdoor adventure or road trip! 




Yitahome Portable Toilet

If you are looking for a portable RV toilet that won’t install permanently inside your camper potty, these models from Yitahome is one of the best. They are also very affordable and common to go with reasonably-priced camping toilets like it when there isn’t an existing toilet or septic system in place.


YITAHOME 5.3 Gallon Portable Toilet RV Portable Toilet, Upgrade Double Outlet Water Spout, Handle Flush Pump, Detachable Water Tank, for Camping, Boating, Hiking,  and Trips.

YITAHOME Portable RV Toilet

YITAHOME 5.3 Gallon Portable Travel Toilet RV Potty,Upgrade Double Outlet Water Spout,Handle Flush Pump,Detachable Water Tank,for Camping, Boating,Hiking,TripsThe outdoor camper toilet can accompany you wherever you go with its large water capacity and easy-to-carry features, which is your best mobile personal hygiene sanitation. 3.2 gallon (12L) freshwater tank and 5.3 gallons (20L) sewage tank for many rinses

Safe Materials

Made of high-density ABS and PP with solid stability and durability

Effortless Handle Pump

Press the pump easily to flush the bowl, more labor-saving and convenient to operate.

Sealing Slide Valve

With triple o-rings, lock in the nasty smells and keep you stay in a fresh environment.

Easy to Carry

13.23 lbs total weight, convenient to carry the composting toilet around for traveling

Strong Weight Capacity

Support up to 275 lbs, strong enough to bear various people

Suitable Seat Height

The height is derived from human engineering theory to provide the maximum comfort of 16.14 inches.

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YITAHOME Portable Travel Toilet RV Potty,2.6 Gallon Detachable Tank, Double-Outlet Water Spout, Press Flush Pump, for Camping, Boating, Hiking, Trips

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Camco Portable Travel Toilet

One of the best features of the Camco portable toilets is their versatility. Their model can be used for many activities, including camping and other outdoor adventures like boating or fishing trips. It also locks away odors well because it has a seal-tight lid that holds smells secure inside until you are ready to dispose of them properly at your next stop. There are countless reasons to go with an inexpensive yet decent quality option such as this one!

Here is a list of  Camco portable toilets we have researched and hand-picked for you.



Camco Premium Portable Travel Toilet | 2.6 gallon | Three Directional Flush and Swivel Dumping Elbow (41535)

Camco 41535 Travel Toilet-2.6 Gallon

Camco Portable Toilet 2.6 gallonsThe Camco Camping Toilet is durable and comfortable and includes the following top features: a larger seat size with an increased bowl size. The freshwater holding tank utilizes a pump flush action to rinse the toilet’s bowl effectively. The 2.6-gallon detachable holding tank seals firmly to prevent escaping leaks and odors. The interior of the holding tank has a slick surface to make waste removal more manageable and more efficient. Remove the flush tank one-handed by toggling a single locking latch. The latch is spring-loaded for automatic re-attachment. The Camco Camping Toilet features a lid that can be latched closed for more accessible transport or completely removed for cleaning. It is durable ABS resin and will seal in unpleasant odors for an overall better camping toilet experience.

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Choosing the Camco 41541 Portable Toilet-Designed for Camping, RV, Boating And Other Recreational Activities – 5.3 Gallon, White

Camco 41541 Portable ToiletCamco’s 5.3-gallon portable toilet is designed for camping, RVing, boating, or other recreational activities. Its sturdy polyethylene construction is compact and lightweight. The 5.3-gallon holding tank is detachable and includes a sealing slide valve to lock in odors and protect against leakage. It includes two side latches to secure the tank to the toilet and a carrying handle for easy transport. The toilet employs an easy-to-use bellow type flush and pulls a slide valve for easy flushing. The toilet measures 15.5″H x 14″W x 16″D. It weighs 10.8 lbs. empty and approximately 32 pounds when full. A packet of Camco’s TST biodegradable toilet chemicals is included.


Sturdy and easy to clean. The seal is air-tight, so it doesn’t smell or spill. And the holding tank has a handle that makes it easy to carry and dispose of the waste in the toilet.

I bought this portable potty last year, and finally, we’re able to use it. Awesome product. Just “plunk” one of the tablets into the water reservoir, and you are good to go. No smell at all, and let me tell you, extremely handy for those 2 am bathroom calls. Highly recommend!


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Camco Premium Portable Travel Toilet With Three Directional Flush and Swivel Dumping Elbow | Designed for Camping, RV, Boating And Other Recreational Activities – (5.3 gallon) (41545), White

Camco's 5.3-gallon portable toiletCamco’s 5.3-gallon portable toilet is designed for camping, RVing, boating, or other recreational activities. It is also great as an emergency option on long car rides. The 5.3-gallon holding tank is detachable and seals tightly to prevent both leaks and odors. It utilizes a pump flush action to rinse the toilet bowl thoroughly. Features a lid that can be latched closed for easier transport or completely removed for cleaning. Its sturdy ABS resin construction is compact and lightweight. 


Works excellent in every respect. However, I will warn you, the seal on the black tank is perfect. If you travel and temp or altitude change, make sure you vent the tank before using it. The manual warns you about this, and you should heed this warning.

Ensure all the seals are seated properly, or you will have leakage!


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Camco Portable Toilet 41544Camco Premium Travel Toilet with Detachable Tank- Simple Use and Maintenance | Excellent Outdoor Toilet Designed for Camping, Hiking, Boating, RVing and More | 5.3 Gallon Capacity Commode)(41544)

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Dometic Portable RV Toilet

Finding the perfect camper toilet for your home on wheels can be challenging as you want one that will not take up too much space. It is feasible to get a tiny and compact RV toilet that sits permanently and flushes in the same manner as a conventional toilet. This Dometic model comes in either portable or permanent installation style so choose wisely before purchase based on what works best with where you plan to use this unit.




Dometic Sanitation DOMETIC 964 MSD Portable toilet 2.5 Gallon Platinum

964 MSD Portable Toilet with Mounting Brackets - 2.5 Gallon964 MSD Portable Toilet with Mounting Brackets – 2.5 Gallon – PlatinumThe simple, self-contained and adult-sized SaniPottie 964 Portable Toilet provides recreational boaters with user-friendly convenience performance. The bellows-style flush delivers a bowl-clearing rinse every time.


Technical Specifications:

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DOMETIC 970-Series Portable Toilet – 2.6 Gallon, Gray

The 970 Series Of Portable Toilets Provide Comfort, Simplicity, And The Latest Technology

DOMETIC 970-Series Portable Toilet - 2.6 GallonWhen on the move, people wish for the comforts of home, and the 970 Series of portable toilets provides just that. The powerful touch-button flush technology sets this toilet range miles from its competitors as no pumping or batteries are required. They are available in two sizes, with an adult-sized seat comfortable beyond words.

Portable – Space Saving – Less Mess

A portable and convenient, the lightweight toilet is perfect for smaller vehicles and tents due to the unique space-saving design. The push-button technology makes it easy to use and ensures a powerful and hygienic flush with less pump and less mess. The toilet has a waste-holding tank.

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Dometic 974 Portable Toilet 2.6 Gallon Gray w/Brackets (301097406)

Dometic Portable Toilet CampingDometic 974 Portable Toilet 2.6 Gallon Gray w/Brackets Powerful flushing at the touch of a button sets the new 970 portable toilet series apart from the rest. Requires no manual pumping or batteries yet delivers a robust bowl-clearing flush every time. 

An easy-view level indicator lets you know when to empty the holding tank. Just as convenient as a household toilet Portable toilet with 9.8 L holding tank. Due to an innovative product design, this high-quality toilet offers powerful flushing with less pumping as well as splash-free operation and discharge. 


Technical Specifications:

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DOMETIC 2.5 Gallon Portable Toilet, Platinum (301096206)

Sealand SaniPottie Portable ToiletSealand SaniPottie Portable Toilet is a compact, lightweight, portable toilet ideal for smaller campers without a bathroom.


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DOMETIC 5.0 Gallon Portable Toilet, Platinum (301096606)

Dometic's Portable ToiletDometic’s Portable Toilet is a compact, lightweight, portable toilet ideal for smaller campers not equipped with a bathroom. 5.0 Gallon capacity. 2.6 gal. Freshwater tank. High-density polyethylene construction withstands demanding conditions. Easy to clean and scratch-resistant finish. Adult-size seat for comfort. Firm-locking side latches.


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