weight distribution hitch

Why you need a Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control?

How Does A Sway Control Hitch Work? The working mechanism of a hitch sway control lies in its construction and build. The body of the weight distribution hitch consists of adjustable spring bars that can be modified according to the current requirements. The bars present within the hitch serves as weight stabilizer/equalizer. An uplift force […]

trailer tongue weight scale

Trailer Tongue Weight Scale- Why Is It Important To Get One

How Important Is Tongue Weight? Trailer Tongue Weight Scales assist in keeping your trailer weight at an acceptable level. Proper tongue weight is important to improve the towing experience of any trailer or vehicle through perfection in performance. If the tongue weight is not enough on the tow or hitch ball, it can cause the […]

towing capacity

How do you figure the towing capacity?

Determining the towing capacity isn’t as hard as one might think. How is payload determined? The payload is simply the (GVWR) Gross Vehicle Weight minus the curb weight of the vehicle. There is a placard on the inside driver’s side door. You can go online and Google the towing capacity for the year and make […]