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3 Best Camper Trailer Travel Cover

rv coversAn RV is an excellent investment if you are fond of traveling and taking road trips. It is vital to protect your vehicle so it can last for a long time. One way of doing that is by installing a camper trailer travel cover.  These covers are a classic accessory for any RV owner. They preserve your vehicle, whether parked outside or inside the garage. These days, covers for RV come in different materials. It makes sense to choose the right one that is durable and protects your vehicle well.

What Is The Best Travel Trailer Cover?

The best camper trailer travel cover is the one that fits your RV the best and suits your needs. To make it easier, we have compiled a list of 3 best RV covers for you:


1: Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPro Heavy Duty Cover


Classic Accessories is a well-known brand for producing camper trailer travel cover. An excellent quality about the RV cover is that it’s waterproof. It doesn’t just protect your vehicle from rain but snow as well. No amount of dirt or UV rays will reach your RV.

The manufacturers have used rip-stop fabric, which is 57% lighter as compared to the materials usually used for camper trailer travel cover. The RV cover has adjustable front and back panels, allowing you to access your vehicle without taking it off. Air vents inside the cover prevent moisture retention. The cover comes with a storage bag to fold the RV cover and store it safely.



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2: Camco ULTRA Guard Class C/Travel Trailer Cover

Do you happen to travel a lot in a cold climate? If yes, then this camper trailer travel cover will be a perfect fit. This camper trailer travel cover is for all regions that receive snow. It gives you maximum resistance from snow and rainfall. The cover features an innovative design with a triple layer SFS top panel, promoting water resistance.


The camper trailer travel cover made from heavy-duty polypropylene fabric has a self-adjusting feature that enables you to install the cover from the bottom to the top in a matter of a few minutes.

Another great feature of this cover is that it has a fully breathable design, prevents the growth of mildew and mold.



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3: KINGBIRD Extra-Thick Deluxe Camper Travel Trailer Cover

This camper trailer travel cover is one of the favorites of most RV owners. It promises a high level of protection. Thanks to its heavy-duty construction. It is thick, just perfect for bad weather that may damage your vehicle. It protects against heavy rain and snow. The cover also protects your vehicle from dirt, nicks, and scratches.

The manufacturers have ensured wind and tear-resistant quality. It has six vents installed on the front and back for a thorough ventilation system. The cover has yellow reflective panels to maximize the safety of the RV when parked out in the dark.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Are travel trailer covers worth it?

Camper trailer travel cover is a worthwhile investment. Without an RV cover, you are likely to spend more time washing your trailer. The UV rays of the sun, dirt, snow, and rain might damage your vehicle due to frequent exposure. Having a cover protects you’re the trailer from all such harms.

Should you cover your RV with a tarp?

Covering your RV with a traditional tarp is not advisable. It is likely to trap moisture. This moisture can leak into the vehicle and cause damage. Most RV owners secure the tarp with ropes or bungee cords, which usually falls off because of heavy wind.

Should you cover a travel trailer in winter?

If your travel trailer is parked outside during winter, the RV cover will protect your vehicle from extended exposure to UV rays, which can damage the paint finish. It will also protect your RV from snow, wind damage, bird droppings, and tree sap.

Should you cover your RV tires?

Yes, and for that, you must invest in quality RV tire covers. Protecting the tires decreases the effect of UV rays. These covers offer protection against harsh weather as well. Some also say tire covers prevent premature cracking of tire sidewalls.

Should I cover my RV AC unit in the winter?

Yes, you must cover the AC unit, but not just because it’s winter. The AC unit will withstand snow and rain, not nuts, seeds, leaves, or other weather changes. Covering the AC unit will keep it protected and prolong its function.

Do RV covers cause damage?

The primary function of RV covers is to offer protection. However, if using a poor material or cover covering, it may cause damage to the travel trailer. Typical damages include scratches and, in some cases, moisture penetration.

Benefits of Using an RV Cover

An RV cover, as we all know, protects the exterior of your vehicle, but its function is not limited to it. You can keep using the trailer while it’s covered. These covers also protect the RV from inside. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can make the seats and dashboard deteriorate. As long as the RV is covered, no weather will affect the exterior or interior of your precious vehicle.



Overall, all travel trailer owners must invest in covers for RV. While all RV covers in the list are great, OverDrive PermaPro heavy-duty cover by Classic Accessories is the most recommended choice. It’s easy to use, efficient, and adjustable and a great value for money.
Feel free to choose any other option from the best covers according to your budget and needs.