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10 Best Selling RV Wheel Chocks

If you are a travel enthusiast who hits roads often with your RV, you must know the importance of having the right RV wheel chocks. The RV wheel chocks are an absolute essential for your recreational vehicle as they make your journey enjoyable and safer.

On the one hand, the need for RV wheel chocks is undeniable; on the other, it is nearly impossible to find the perfect fit for your RV. If you are tired of searching the market for the best RV wheel chocks, put your search to rest. After surveying the market for several years and consulting customers all across the globe, we have come up with a detailed list of the best-selling RV wheel chocks.

Here is a list of the top 10 best-selling RV wheel Chocks for you:


1. BAL 28010 X-Chock Tire Locking Chock – SingleAL 28010 X-Chock Tire Locking Chock – Single

BAL 28010 RV wheel ChockBAL X-Chock is known for its added stability that makes it one of the high-rated RV wheel chocks in the market. Its smart design stops tire shifts as it applies an opposing force to tandem tire application. Unlike most tire chocks, BAL X-Chock is designed to work in the tire’s natural movement rather than opposing it. This feature makes it more reliable than most other chocks.

This RV wheel chock also comes with rust inhibitive coating and plated ratchet wrench, and a comfort bumper. The ratchet wrench is hand-operated, which turns a drive nut, resulting in extending the chocks. This makes locking and retracting the chocks much easier. BAL X-chock can fit some of the tightest applications, going down to 1 3/8-inch. It also extends to 10-inch. This RV wheel chock is very lightweight and portable, making it a perfect match for your RV, camper, or Travel Trailer.

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I love these BAL wheel chocks. I got one when I bought my travel trailer and decided to buy another for the other side. This item is well made and simple to use. It has a nice handle on it to hold while you line it up between tires, then ratchet it to fit, take them off, hold the handle and ratchet the opposite way, and do no more cheap plastic tire chocks. I have also noticed the shaking inside the camper hasn’t been as bad after using these on both sides; I am not sure if they are made for that, but that is what I have noticed.


2. RV Wheel Chock Set with Lightweight Carry Bag, Grip Bottom & Rope Handle

RV Wheel chocks for RV, camper or travel trailer

If you are looking for a complete heavy-duty RV wheel chock set that caters all your needs, then Wheel Chock set is the one you should defiantly get. This all-in-one deal comes with different products, including two heavy-duty wheel chocks and rope handles.

The set also has an anti-slip bottom and a carry bag so that you can keep everything together. This set solves the most common breakage problems and slippage with the help of the two grip pads. The grip pads can be placed at the bottom of each wheel chock; hence, the grippers carry the vehicle’s weight, and the plastic bottoms do not snap. As they are made of plastic, they will last you forever.

Furthermore, the wheelset comes with a lifetime guarantee and comfortable grab handles for a firmer grip. Customers love the heavy-duty wheel chock set all across the globe.

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Bought these after buying a cheaper set at a nationwide freight/tool store. The cheaper set did not fit snug against the tires, making me think they could shift in place. These fit perfectly in the curve of the tire and remain snug. Pretty lightweight compared to others, but look durable. Already looking at adding another set for the RV.



3.  Homeon Wheels Large RV Wheel Chocks

Homeon RV Wheel Chock for RV, Popup, or travel TrailerHomeon Wheels RV Chocks are not like any traditional wheel chocks that go obsolete after a few uses. These simple wheel chocks are known for their grip on smaller tires, even with 26″ diameter tires. These wheel chocks can be used for motorcycles and with household weights too.

Unlike most chocks, Homeon chocks have a specialized rubber material that provides stronger grip and slip resistance and is safer and more durable. The safety handles allow removing the chocks from under heavy-duty stuff. In comparison to other similar products in the market, these RV wheel chokes are much bigger and convenient.

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Very nice chock blocks. We are very pleased with this purchase. The plastic material is a nice bright color, lightweight but solid density. Fits really well with our trailer tires. It almost cradles the tires (235/75R15), preventing movement. Great choice and price.




4. Wheel Chocks – Trailer and RV Rubber Wheel Chock

Jade Active RV Wheel Chock for Camper, Travel Trailer or AutoInvesting in rubber RV wheel chocks can be a tricky business, especially if you are buying chocks for the first time. But these Value Rubber wheel chocks manufactured by Jade Active GmbH can be life-changing for your RV. Built for heavy-duty wheels, cars, boats, trucks, and even aircraft, these wheel chocks can stop anything. Each pair comes with 8 inches long connecting rope that allows you to chock larger vehicles much quicker than other rubber chocks.

The chocks are incredibly versatile; they can choke any

thing from cars to trailers to any other recreational vehicle. The heavy-duty rubber of the chocks is what makes them stand out. Its unique rubber material makes sure it is long-lasting, slip-proof, and oil and weather resistant. These RV wheel chocks are extremely easy to use and large enough to support much bigger vehicles.

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We bought a teardrop camper and wanted something more than plastic to help keep it secured. These are amazing! The rubber and rope are very tough and sturdy. When we need to move the camper by hand, we put the chocks a few inches in front of the wheel to ensure it can’t get away from us. Very happy with this purchase!



5. Equal-i-zer 84004150 One-Step XL Wheel Chock

Equal-i-zer 84004150 One-Step XL Wheel ChockFinding a wheel chock that stabilizes your vehicle without making a mess can be a difficult task. Most of the RV wheel chocks do not provide enough stabilization, which can be extremely dangerous. However, with a One-step XL wheel chock, you can bid farewell to all your troubles.

It is one of the fastest and the most convenient ways of chocking your trailer without bending or kneeling. It is straightforward to use, and all you need to do is hold the cable handle and gently slide it between the tires with your foot. It is hugely hassled free and user friendly.

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I think this chock is well worth the price. Easy to set up and use. High-quality product.



6. EPOARTIST Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer Scissor 2 Sets for RV Travel Trailer 

EPOARTIST Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer Scissor 2 Sets for RV Travel Trailer tire chocks Rust-ProofIdeal for camping trailers, campers, and RV EPOARTIST camper wheel chock stabilizer is another excellent option. The scissor set design allows it to provide extra stabilization. The heavy-duty system applies opposing force to the two tires hence keeping the vehicle more still. It is known for fitting the tightest tires ranging from 3″ to 12″. One of the most distinctive features of this wheel chock is the new and advanced rust-preventative treatment. This feature makes the chokes more durable and weather resistant. Furthermore, each box comes with a two-wheel chock scissor stabilizer and weighs 10lb. 

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These are perfect for the stability of a camping trailer or anything with tandem axles. All metal construction with ratcheting wrench and 17mm drill socket. Excellent build quality. Insert between tires, hand twist to snug them up. Then use included ratchet to tighten with force against both tires. Takes 2 minutes or less to attach each side. It can still use standard chocks if necessary for added security. Definitely recommend.



7. Cynder Heavy Duty RV Wheel Chocks

avy Duty RV Wheel ChockCynder heavy-duty RV wheel chocks have been in the market for a while. Over the last few years, this product has attracted a significant consumer base due to its unique chock-N-Lock techniques. Its distinct design can stabilize a range of vehicles, be it trucks, trailers, RVs, etc. by securing tandem tires.

Once the tandem tires are chocked in place, the RV stays still in one place. This set of heavy-duty wheel chocs come with a ratchet wrench and can fit tires between 3″-10″ very quickly. They come in a pack of two, and the louvered surface prevents any slippage, while the locks add extra security.

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VERY pleased with this purchase! Our camper is much more sturdy with these, and they are simple to use! So far, they have held up perfectly!



8. Camco RV Wheel Stop- Stabilizes Your Trailer by Securing Tandem Tires to Prevent Movement While Parked – Large (44622), Yellow

Camco RV Wheel Stop- Stabilizes Your Trailer by Securing Tandem Tires to Prevent Movement While Parked - Large (44622), YellowUnlike most heavy-duty wheel chocks that come with extra ropes and jammers, the Camco RV wheel is an all in one package. With the help of single equipment, this wheel chock does the work correctly. It keeps the trailer stabilize by securing the tandem tires to prevent any slippage.

It can easily fit in tires with a diameter of 26″-30″. If you mostly travel to places where the soft ground causes your RV to sink in, then these are the wheel chocks for you. It helps to prevent the trailer tongue wheel from slipping. These wheel stabilizers are extremely easy to use and are very portable too.

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I was very skeptical about ordering this product. Wow, was I wrong in thinking it likely won’t work that well. I’m honestly still shocked at how this eliminates the movement on our 24-foot travel trailer when deployed. I bought a second one after the first camping trip with just the one. 5 stars.



9. ROBLOCK 2 Pack Wheel Chocks Heavy Duty Orange with Eyebolt for Travel Trailer

ROBLOCK 2 Pack Wheel Chocks Heavy DutySometimes RV drivers prefer traditional wheel chocks that are reliable enough to chock heavy-duty tires. One such product in the market is ROBLOCK chocks orange eyebolt. These conventional chocks measure 10 x 8 x 5.7 inches and weight around 6lbs.

This set can be used on a range of heavy vehicles to RV travel trailers. Made from the most delicate structural poly foam, these RV wheel chocks are very sturdy and durable. They are extremely portable and come with large eye hooks to attach ropes and move them accordingly. Also, the orange color can be seen from miles away.

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These work as they should, and awesome that they’re safety orange so its easy to spot and remember before driving off!



10. Fastway ONEstep Wheel Chock for Tandem Axle Trailers and RVs 16 Inches to 24 Inches Long-Qty 1

Fastway ONEstep Wheel Chock for Tandem Axle Trailers and RVsAs the name suggests, Fastway ONEstep is your one-stop solution for all your wheel chock needs. It is effortless to use and requires no additional help to fit in place. Its new design secures both wheels in one go, keeping your RV in one place.

These RV wheel chokes provide extra stabilization and are the fastest tandem axle wheel chock in the market. You do not have to kneel or bend over to find rocks to chock your wheels now. It smoothly slides into place and can be installed and removed with your foot. The chock can be adjusted from 16″ to 24″ to fit any tandem axle trailers and does not require ratcheting, saving you all the hassle. It is also available in an XL model.

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These chocks are far superior to anything else I have used. By adjusting the arms correctly, you can snug them into place in a way that you just can’t do with a regular chock, and they can’t wiggle free caused by walking around in the trailer. Pricey, but in my mind, worth the extra money because they anchor you in place just so well. They do not eliminate the wobble you sense as someone else walks around inside, but you will have the confidence that your RV is not going to roll fore or aft at all.