Top 10 Best RV Bunk Ladders

Most bunkhouse RV models don’t come with ladders, so reaching the top bunk can be cumbersome.  So you will need to purchase one if you want to reach the top bunk easily.  However, which is the best model to purchase for your RV needs.  In this article, we will look at some bunk ladder manufacturers to help make that decision a little easier. However, let’s first look at the common features these bunk manufacturer’s bunk ladders have in common.

What size is an RV bunk ladder?

It is important to measure the space where the ladder will go to make sure you get the correct ladder length.  Most of the ladders on the market come in 60” or 66”; some models can be cut down if they are too long. Measuring for your ladder needs to be looked at, like finding the hypotenuse of a triangle.


How to measure for an RV bunk bed ladder?

Most bunk ladders are installed in a ship’s ladder-style, which is set to an angle. When measuring, you need to take two measurements to get the length of the ladder you need. The first measurement is the height from the floor to the spot where the ladder will mount. We will discuss the mounting procedures after learning to take the correct measurements.

The second measurement you need is measuring the recommended floor space per the manufacturer’s installation, which is roughly around one foot for most models. The length of the ladder you need is the hypotenuse (third leg) of a triangle.

The formula for figuring the hypotenuse is the square root of leg A squared plus leg B squared. Here is a link for a handy hypotenuse calculator for a quick answer to your measurement. For example, if your first measurement is roughly 55”, with a one-foot second measurement, you would need about 56” ladder length.  Don’t forget some models can be cut down, and you still need to figure your mounting method.


How to mount your bunk ladder.

Now on to the ways that the ladders can be mounted. There are basically two ways bunk ladders mount.  The first way is with small hooks and extrusions for a positive attachment.  This method requires you to drill into the face board to secure the extrusions to the face board. Then the small hooks rest into the extrusions. 

The second method uses larger hooks that hook over the face board, which is less secure, but no drilling is required.  Both methods allow you to remove the ladder when not in use. When you decide which method you want to use, you can take the measurements you need to decide the ladder length you need.

Just about all models have rubber or nylon wrapped treads, which is important for non-slip climbing.    Rubber tips at the bottom of the 1” rails help keep your floor protected. Most models can hold a weight limit of 250-pounds.


1. Stromberg Carlson LA-460 60” Ladder

Stromberg Carlson LA-460 RV Bunk LaddersStromberg Carlson specialized in RV accessories, so they understand all things RV.  This ladder comes in regular aluminum silver or black so you can best match your RV decor. Ladder rungs are 11” on center and are rubber wrapped.  The bunk ladder is 13” overall wide (outside end cap to outside end cap). As the title implies, it is 60” in length; however, they also make a 66” version. The recommended floor dimension for the 60” model is just a hair over 12,” and the 66” model is 13 ⅛”. Has a 250-pound weight limit. Offers the two styles of attachment.  Both hooks and extrusions are included for easier mounting.


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Nice ladder, well built. If you need to cut it down to fit, you must remove the rubber feet and cut them from the bottom. The top has threaded inserts inside the tube that are needed to fasten the ladder. It did not appear that the inserts were easily removable. No problem, be aware of it. It also was supplied with several different types of fittings to secure the top. Overall, very happy with my purchase.



2. Quick Products QP-LA-460B RV Bunk Ladder

Quick Products QP-LA-460B RV Bunk LadderQuick Products also specializes in RV products. This model comes in black; however, you can also get it in silver as well.  The ladder rungs are rubbed padded. The recommended floor dimension is 12” for the 60” model. This company also offers a 66” model, and the recommended floor dimension is also 12”. 250-pound weight limit as well.


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My bunkhouse didn’t come with a ladder; this product is awesome, fully assembled, perfect fit, and included anti-slip boots. I would recommend this bunk ladder to anyone.





3. Quick Products QP-LA-466B RV Bunk Ladder

Quick Products RV Bunk LadderQuick Product ladders provide easy access to the top bunks in your RV without permanently taking up valuable floor space.
You have two options for mounting the bunk Ladder. One, you can use the existing bed frame or Mount the ladder with included mounting brackets. The ladder includes rubber foot pads and sleeves deliver a safe, comfortable grip. The Ladder is easy to install and can handle weights up to 250 lbs.


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We like to have the top bunk on the highest setting to use the seats underneath without hitting our heads more easily. We struggled to find a bunk ladder tall enough, but this one works perfectly. We appreciate how light it is, but still sturdy enough for parents to crawl up and say goodnight to the kids!




4. ECOTRIC 60” Bunk Ladder

ECOTRIC RV Bunk LadderECOTRIC specializes in bicycles and automotive accessories. This bunk ladder is a strong and durable design. This heavy-duty bunk ladder is made of strong aluminum. The construction is of superior quality. The steps are wrapped with rubber pads for maximum safety and comfort.

The package included padded rubber treads and two attachment styles for safety (hooks and extrusions). All hardware & instructions are included


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Very sturdy and lite weight.



5. KUAFU 60” Aluminum Bunk Ladder

KUAFU RV Bunk Bed LadderThe KUAFU 60” Aluminum Bunk Ladder also has the same to mounting, small hook, extrusion, or larger hook for no drilling. The bunk ladder mounts over the existing bed frame, or you can use the mounting brackets included. The bunk ladder is made of high-strength aluminum,impact-resistant. Built to strict quality control standards

This model has a 250-pound weight capacity and rubber wrapped rungs. This company does have an after-sales service team, so should you have any problems, they should help you out.


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6. Top Line (BL200-03) 60” Hook 1” Opening Bunk Ladder

Top Line bunk LadderThis  RV bunk bed ladder is ideal if you have a bed over the cab. This Ladder might be exactly what you are looking for. It measures 66-inches tall, so it allows easy access and a generous angle for stability. The frame is made of high-strength aluminum, and the treads are padded and textured for safety. The Top Line 60” Bunk Ladder supports up to a 300-pound weight limit, which is most so far. Comes in silver


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Bought this for the top bunk in our semi-truck. We had to shorten it just a little bit, but that was very simple. It is narrow, so it doesn’t take a lot of room. When not in use, it easily stores on the top bunk. Best of all, it is very sturdy. I am 220 lbs, and my spouse is 260, and it does even strain with our sturdy builds. Very great product!




7. Surco 506B 66” Bunk Ladder with Hook Retainer

surco bunk ladderThe Surco Bunk Ladder is manufactured from heavy gauge 1-inch aluminum and has a smooth satin anodized finish. This model is 66,” but they also offer 60” models.  There are three different mounting hooks. This model comes with the hook retainer, as stated in the title. The other models offer 1” or 1 ½” hooks, so you need to make sure you have the correct model number when purchasing. The steps wrapped with nylon pads for maximum comfort and padded feet help grip and protect the RV’s floor.


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We purchased two of these ladders for built-in bunk beds. They work well and are sturdy ( I have used them and am 190 pounds). We used the clips that come standard with the ladder to attach them to the upper bunks’ face, which makes them removable when not needed.


8. Stromberg Carlson LA-460B 60

Stromberg Carlson RV Bunk ladders Stromberg Carlson ladder maintains the contemporary look of your RV decor. This model comes in black the also offer Stromberg Carlson LA-460A 60 in white. Rubber treads are included that help prevent slipping as you climb up and down the bunk ladder, and the rubber feet help protect your flooring from damage. Both hooks and extrusions are included for easier mounting.


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Just what we were looking for to reach the bunk in our Jayco X213. This mom complained because those top bunks were never made to get a fitted sheet on by an adult, and standing on the bottom bunk while trying to do it was hard enough. Honestly, I think I crawled up there more than once and got stuck. Plus, our ten-year-old daughter is just getting too big to toss-up there. This ladder makes a world of difference. It is a great thing about it and the lightweight of it and the fact we could cut it down to fit just what we needed. Don’t get any other ladder. This is it.



9. RecPro RV Bunk Ladder

RecPro Bunk Bed LadderIn an RV, space is limited, which is why having a ladder permanently mounted to the bunk might not be the best thing. You can add or remove the ladder at your leisure with the provided mounting brackets, climbing up when you need it and not bumping into it when you don’t

Measuring 60″ tall and 13″ wide with 2″ thick steps, it weighs 3lbs but can hold up to 300lbs. Made of solid aluminum, which is sleek and waterproof.


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The ladder is great for our bunk in the RV. When it first arrived, contacted the company, and they sent them right out, great customer service! Wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again in the future.


10. Blantex Hook-On Bunk Bed Ladder

Blantex bunk bed ladderThe ladder is 41″ tall, from bottom to top of hooks, 14″ wide measured from the outside, and the rungs are spaced 9″ apart.


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Added to the bunk in my camper. Not specifically made for my camper type, but it works. Plus, the ladder being lightweight, is easy to tuck away when needed. I did add some pads to the frame to protect the woodwork in my camper from scratches from the ladder. I would recommend that to anyone purchasing this ladder.



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