Reasons Why Everybody Should Use a Battery Cutoff Switch.

Battery Cutoff SwitchMany adventurous campers hoping to avoid the charges of public campgrounds head out for dry camping treks into areas where they can get away, get in touch with nature, and spend some peaceful days away from the hustles of their busy lives. A lot of such campers prefer the convenience of traveling in their RVs.

The convenience of a Battery Cutoff Switch

The RV makes this trek much more convenient than a regular vehicle. The presence of an “indoor” bathroom, sleeping arrangements, storage for spare food and water, and the ability to shelter comfortably from inclement weather all score advantage points for an RV on a boondocking adventure. Where the RVs become concerning, however, is the longevity and reliability of batteries.

For this reason, many use a battery cutoff switch for RVs. When camping in an RV, you do not typically have a power source to keep your battery’s charging when you need them to be. Your RV will not be running the whole time you are using it, of course, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a drain on the battery.

Unless you plan on stumbling around in the dark when night falls, not using your RV radio at all, or plan on using any appliances, chances are your RV will still slowly drain your battery as you make use of things that require power.

The battery cutoff switch allows you to power down the battery use, helping to preserve it for as long as possible, and keep yourself from being stranded in the middle of a beautiful but contactless location.

How a Battery Cutoff Switch Works

When you engage the power switch, any appliances (including lights) that rely on 12 volts will only work if your RV is plugged into a power source of a shoreline. External power will not stop the RV from operation with the necessary power even with the switch. Still, if the shore power is no longer inbound, your appliances will not switch to be powered by your battery.

Why You Should Use a Battery Cutoff Switch

If you had the misfortune of leaving your overhead light or your headlights on in your car overnight, you have likely arrived at the frustrating surprise of your car not starting the next day. These things need the power to operate, and with the vehicle being off, that power comes from, and systematically drains your car battery.

At this point, you likely had to have assistance jump-starting your vehicle. But when you are residing in self-imposed nature isolation, no aid is going to be reached, nor is any help on the way.

Your battery stays alive when you run your car because the alternator is operating, and it perpetually charges your battery. Without the alternator working, any source of power relies solely on your car battery, and it has a finite lifespan.

More Practical Reasons

You should always shut off the power to your RV via the battery cutoff switch if you are doing work on your vehicle. The power should be off for a minimum of 24 hours before you attempt to begin.

As an RV is a once-in-a-while used vehicle, you are likely to be storing it more often than using it. To prevent the battery from slowly draining as appliances inside, being unused, continue to draw power slowly. Left powered on, some piece of equipment may end up overheating, causing an electrical fire.

All this can be prevented by simply cutting the power off to unused devices. For a vehicle the size of an RV, this drain, even when slow, will not take long to drain the battery rendering it useless.

Cutting off the power with a battery cutoff switch can also help prevent vehicle theft. As the RV can’t run being fed power, any aspiring thief looking to borrow your RV permanently will run into a problem with trying to start it.

Maintaining your RV batteries will save money by preventing the need to be jumped and extending the longevity of your battery’s life for as long as or longer than a decade.  You might be interested in “How do I choose an RV Battery“.




Battery Cutoff SwitchAmpper 12-24 V Master Battery Cutoff Switch, Battery Power Cut Isolator Killer for Car, Vehicle, RV and Boat (Aluminium Housing, On/Off)

I needed a house cut-off switch for my RV batteries.

Most of my RV plugs work on the engine battery. After a few camping trips, my engine battery dies, so this was the solution. I wired my house batteries to extra USB and 12-volt plugs with a fused harness. Now I can run my outlets without turning on the engine or the house switch. 


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Disconnect Switch, 6V 12V 24V Battery Kill 2PCS Battery Disconnect Switch, 6V 12V 24V Battery Kill Switch Isolator Cut OFF Power for Marine Car Boat RV ATV Auto Truck Vehicles, On-Off Battery Master Switch with Waterproof Key and Cover


After multiple hours of research and trying many other items of this type, this was the keeper due to price, easy installation, and a solid working product. I Highly recommend to all this won hands down over the fancy named products of this type for price simplicity and functional needs.

Works great, easy to mount and operate.


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Ampper Battery Disconnect SwitchAmpper Battery Disconnect Switch, Isolator Cut Off Power Kill Master Battery Switch for Marine Car Boat RV ATV Vehicles (2 Keys)

I bought 3 of these switches, and all had the same boxes, pictures, descriptions. But one of them had 5/16″ studs, and the other two came with 3/8″ studs. Not a real problem, but current (and developing heat) through these can be a problem if one gets close to the 200 amps. Also, keep that in mind when using or ordering ring terminals. Other than that, they look identical and work well so far.


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Ampper Top Post Knife Blade Master Switch, 12V / 24V Battery Cutoff SwitchAmpper Top Post Knife Blade Master Switch, 12V / 24V Battery Cutoff Switch Isolator Power Disconnect for Marine Car Boat RV ATV (Negative)


A beefy copper toggle switch will carry any current load I throw at it in my RV, but the plastic base needs to be redesigned. When the switch is closed, the switch helps stiffen the plastic base. When the switch is open, though, the plastic base has to stand on its own accord. The plastic base is flimsy at best. I’ll probably glue some wood on the bottom as another person did.

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Battery Cutoff Switch, Briidea 12V-48V Battery DisconnectBattery Switch, Briidea 12V-48V Battery Disconnect Master Power Cut-Off Switch for RV, ATV, Car, Marine Boat, UTV, Vehicles, and Camper (ON/Off)

This switch is great and very easy to mounted to a plate in front of the switch. A little harder to a rear mounting plate due to nut retention indentions built into the rear plate of the switch. I like the smooth operation of the switch, and it has a firm feel when switched off or on. I’m reordering for other projects.

The studs for attaching the battery cables are larger than what is on a standard battery, so the cables don’t fit. I had to drill out the cable holes to make them large enough to fit on the studs.

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ORION MOTOR TECH Master Battery Disconnect Switch, Heavy Duty Knob Type 12V 300A Battery Cutoff SwitchORION MOTOR TECH Master Battery Disconnect Switch, Heavy-Duty Knob Type 12V 300A Battery Cutoff Switch, Top Post Battery Power Shutoff Master Switch for Cars, Trucks, Boats, RVs, Motorcycles, and More.

Taking all of 5 minutes to install, this thing is very simple in concept and a must-have for vehicles that sit for long periods, resulting in a dead battery. It eliminates the need to disconnect the negative terminal each time the vehicle is stored.

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Blue Sea Systems – Battery Switch ON/Off AFD

Battery Cutoff SwitchDetails

e-Series On-Off Battery Switch

Switches a single battery to a single load group

About this item

I use this in our off-grid solar setup, and it works great. We have a 48v system with 840 AH of battery storage. We routinely pull around 60 amps at 48v through this switch and haven’t had any issues. I do not turn it on and off frequently. I only tested the switch for its primary function (on/off) immediately after installation and not since. However, for the purpose it is destined for at my location, it is working quite marvelously.

The switch was a breeze to install, feels very solid, and I expect it to last a long time. I’m sure this is a little overkill for my single marine battery, but I’m willing to pay an extra twenty bucks for peace of mind. This switch has a very high threshold for a load of amps that occur upon starting the engine, and its size and weight imply that I won’t be replacing it any time soon. The ability to flush-mount it worked great and keeps it looking professional.

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Fastronix 2 Post High Current Master Battery Disconnect Switch with Face Plate

About this item


This is a good switch, but make sure you drill a hole the size of flat sides, then file out ends to fit threaded size. The company should put instructions with the product, saying to do this, as many will drill a hole the size of the threaded area and then have a problem with switch turning, a tag attached to a thread would do.

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