5 Tips to stop cats from escaping your RV | Stop your cat getting out


stop cats from escaping your RVMany people have to leave their pet cats with friends or family before they have to travel, and they end up spending the vacation missing or worrying about their cats. Instead of doing this, one has the option to take their feline pets with them on their vacations. Cats love exploring, and going on an adventure would make them happy. However, when one considers taking their feline friends on vacation with them, one of the biggest concerns is what if they escape? Well, we have a guide on how to keep cats from escaping from your RV.

Habit and routine matters a lot for a cat’s comfort and peace. Removing them from environments that they know can make them anxious and scared. You would need to plan properly to keep your cat escaping from your RV when you are on the trip. If you put in time and effort, the trip can be fun and memorable for you and your feline companion.


Tip 1: Prepare your cat

First and foremost, the best idea would be to prepare your cat for the upcoming travel. If they are prepared, they will be less likely to react negatively to the movement or other factors that come with traveling. This is a good way on how to keep your cat from escaping from your RV.

Make the RV more comfortable for your cat Of course, it will take some time to make your cat comfortable with traveling in an RV. Before actually embarking on a long trip, it would be a good idea to take your cat on a short trip in the RV. A good way to keep your cat from escaping from the RV would be to load it in a PetLuv “Happy Cat” Premium Cat Carrier before taking the short trips.

Don’t worry if your cat cries during this short trip. The unstable movement will frighten it since it is not used to it yet. After a few short trips, it will be ready for a longer trip, and you can take it for your vacation. You can move some of their favorite toys or blankets into the RV to make them more comfortable.

You can also let your cat wander and play around in the RV while parked in your yard. The more familiar and comfortable your cat is with the RV, the easier the trip will be for both of you.

It will help to know your feline friend’s personality. If your cat is used to being indoors, it may initially freak out when it goes outside. However, it will adjust more easily to the RV’s inside than a cat used to the outdoors. Such a cat may try to run out of the RV, so you need to keep her on a Cat Harness and Leash to stop her from escaping from the RV.

Leash training is not easy, but it is a good idea to help prepare for travel. It will be an asset to ensure that your cat does not escape from your RV. Similarly, a cat that gets bored easily and starts to wander around should also be put on a leash to stop her from leaving the RV. Initially, some cats panic when they are put on a leash while others lie down and refuse to move. Hence it would take some time to train her properly.

Tip 2: Prepare your RV to keep cats from escaping RV

Prepare your RV to keep cats from escaping RVAnother good idea would be to prepare your RV to accommodate your cat during the trip and keep your cat from escaping from the RV. For this, of course, you would need to consider the amount of space available in the RV that you can work with.

Putting a cat cave inside the RV may make your cat more comfortable. It is a hidden place, which cats love, and it’s also a good resting place for them. Remember to make them in a place which is cooler than the rest of the RV.

Most RVs have a lot of windows that a cat can escape from. Hence, it would be smart to keep your vents, windows, and doors closed. For this, you might need to keep the AC on, but this way, there would be no way for your cat to escape.

When you are entering the RV, peek inside to see if your feline friend is hiding closeby as it might make a run for it. Even while you are leaving, please make a point to know where it is, and don’t dwindle in the doorway. Open and close the door quickly, so it does not have a chance to make a break for it.

It will also protect them from any other wildlife that might enter. You could set up a mesh screen for more safety to provide another layer of protection when the door is open.


Tip 3: Make the RV more comfortable for your cat

To make your RV more comfortable and homely so that the cats don’t escape from the RV, you should focus on providing distractions and comfortable living quarters inside the RV. Extra comfort inside the RV will keep your furry friend busy, and most cats try to escape only when they are bored in a confined place.

Things like a Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post, toys, and treats will help tremendously to keep your cats happy and satisfied. Folding cloth carriers are especially comfortable for cats when they are inside moving vehicles, so that might be something to invest in before you begin your trip.

For cats that are used to having space to themselves to play or relax in, the transition to a closed-off cramped indoors of an RV for the entire day can be a daunting challenge to overcome. You can be sure that your cat will look for opportunities and ways to escape in such circumstances.

To keep the cat from escaping the RV, we recommend a Pet Care Cat Enclosure space. These are easily available at most pet stores, and for the kind of traveling and living that comes with RVs, outdoor enclosures for your cat are worth buying. When choosing which one to buy, it should be noted that being light and easy to fold up and open are the characteristics you should look for. Outdoor enclosures are great if your cat gets anxious staying cooped up indoors.


Tip 4: Overall treatment of cats

Dealing with your cat escapingYou must focus more on your cats during the trip and are more careful than you might be at home. You have to treat them properly to keep the cat from escaping the RV.

We would advise you not to leave your cats in the RV alone. It would help if you also kept the temperature of the RV cool because being in a hot RV can be highly uncomfortable for our furry friends.

Moreover, it is important to let out your cats outside for a few hours, at least. This is particularly important for cats used to and prefer the outdoors and get agitated by being cooped up inside. Cats are certainly moody pets, and their environment affects their comfort, behavior, and attitude.


Tip 5: Dealing with your cat escaping

Despite trying hard to keep the cat from escaping the RV, it is best to be prepared for the worst. In the case of a cat that is not used to being indoors or just does not like being in the RV, there is a substantial chance that it may try and succeed in escaping the RV. You should be prepared if such a case arises. The last thing you would want is for your cat to go missing.

First of all, you should prepare for a way to bring them back when it runs out. Knowing how to do this can be a convenient skill, especially if your cat is one to run out each time it notices an open door. For this, keep a special treat that you can use every time it escapes, and try to use it only for this purpose. Make a clunking sound with a dish you use for wet treats, or shake a dry treat bag, and the cat will come back when it hears the sounds.

It would also be prudent to set up a way to track them when they escape. This is useful, especially if they escape and are out of sight.

You can easily purchase an Advanced Pet Tracking Collar for your feline friend. You can also opt for a simple device used to track keys and attach it to your cat’s collar. However, if your cat has a breakaway collar recommended for safety, it may not do much to have a tracking device or your information tag attached to it. In such a case, you might consider getting them microchipped. Not everyone opts for this, but it is an effective way to help you find your runaway cat.


Understandably, you would not want to leave your cat behind when you are going on a trip, especially a long one, but someone who has not traveled with cats before would be quite concerned about ways to keep your cat from escaping from the RV. However, with the guide that we have created, you should prepare properly and have an excellent and fun trip with your furry friend.