RV Bathroom Storage and bathroom accessories10 Best RV Bathroom Storage Ideas

Face it, RV bathrooms are small, and we all know the smaller space, the worse clutter looks!  You need great accessories to maximize your RV bathroom storage. After all, the quicker you can get ready for the day, the more time you have for your adventures. However, what is the best accessories for your bathroom? Where do you need the organization in your bathroom?  In this article, we take a look at a few items to help get you organized so you can get ready quickly and out the door for some great adventures.

 First, let’s look at items that will help get the essential bathroom business done and taken out of the way.



1. AOJEZOR Small Bathroom Corner Cabinet Storage

RV Bathroom StorageThe AOJEZOR small bathroom corner storage cabinet is perfect for the RV bathroom. The RV bathroom storage cabinet can store five rolls of toilet paper, more than enough for an average camping adventure. There is a pocket for dispensing a roll, eliminating the need for a separate tissue holder. Above the dispensing pocket is a small shelf that can hold additional items.  Measuring just 6” x 6.7”, this cabinet can fit in any tight space in the bathroom.  No tight space near the toilet?  This unit can be used to store towels or any of the other necessities you may need in your bathroom. The cabinet Made with wood-plastic composites is waterproof, won’t rot or decay, and is easy to clean. The assembly of the unit is quick.

Now that the number one or two issues are taken care of let’s look at some items that can help in the shower. Let’s face it, RV showers can be relatively small.  When deciding to buy an RV, that is one of the essential things you should look at unless you like using the campground showers or have an outdoor shower near the RV.


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2. Misslo Hanging Mesh Pocket Organizer

This hanging pocket organizer has metal rustproof grommets and hooks, which can hang on a door or shower curtain rod.  You can also use your existing shower curtain hooks to secure the organizer as well. Four large pockets can easily hold big bottles of shampoo, conditioner, or body wash. You don’t have to worry about shampoo bottles being tossed around while traveling down the road. Four smaller pockets on top can hold razors, washcloths, or shave cream.  Made of nylon mesh, you can easily see the contents in each pocket. The hanging pocket organizer can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or washed by hand. The nylon mesh helps keep the organizer breathable, so you don’t have to worry about mold growth.


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3. Stromberg Carlson Extend-A-Shower

RV Showers are small! With this extender, you can help increase the space you have to take a decent shower. There are different sizes, so finding one to fit your RV shower shouldn’t be a problem. Folded out gives you more upper body room to maneuver in that tight shower. When folded in, this unit lets you drip dry the shower curtain plus any other items that may need to be dried. There are four hinged points on the unit so you can form any path that best fits your space. This company specializes in RV products, so they have the RV’er in mind.


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4. MSPAN Toothbrush Razor Holder for Shower

If you are like my husband and brush your teeth in the shower, then the MSPAN toothbrush razor holder is perfect for your RV bathroom.  Just 6” high, ten wide, and a little over 2” deep with plenty of space to hold your necessities. The unit holds two regular sized toothbrushes, a razor, two slots for toothpaste tubes or a larger sized power toothbrush, and two hooks on the bottom for hanging items such as bath scrunchies or soap on a rope. 

It can be mounted in the shower or on the wall near the shower. Even if you don’t brush your teeth in the shower, this can be mounted on the vanity wall and save precious vanity countertop space.

Wall-mounted with a self-adhesive hanger, so you don’t have to punch any holes in the walls. This unit can be mounted to various smooth surfaces such as tile, mirror, or wood.  However, it is not supported on painted walls, wallpaper, or limed walls.  Clean any dirt or stains off the surface, tear off the protective film adhesive, stick the adhesive strip on the surface in an area best suited to your needs.

Let the stripping air out, recommend at least 24 hours, then you can attach the holder to the strip. Replacement strips are available from the manufacturer. Should you ever need to remove the adhesive strip, just heat with a hairdryer and slowly remove it from the side.

Made of waterproof plastic so no mold will grow.  The slots have drain holes, so you don’t have to worry about standing water. As mentioned earlier, the unit is easy to hang and can be easily removed when needed to clean.


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5. Better Living Products 76354 Euro Series TRIO 3-Chamber Soap Dispenser

This soap dispenser has three separate chambers to hold shampoo, conditioner, or any essential bathroom product you may need. Each section holds 14 ounces, which helps eliminate the need to store bottles.  Again, no worry about bottles getting thrown all over the bathroom while traveling down the road! With just a push of a button (unit must be primed first time using), you can have the right amount of shampoo you need.

Easy to install with silicone adhesive and two-way tape included so no drilling holes in the wall. Mounted flat or in the corner helps keep it out of the way while showering. It comes with pre-printed and blank labels so you can be sure of what is in each container.

Now that you are all showered, you need to do the last finishing touches to get you out the door. Let’s look at some items that will help you organize your RV bathroom vanity/sink area.


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6. WEKITY Multifunctional Wall-Mounted Organizer

This toothbrush organizer does so much more than hold your toothbrushes! It features an automatic toothpaste dispenser, cup holders and can hold six toothbrushes.  The unit itself can be used as a small shelf and also contains a small drawer so you can keep the small items you need without cluttering up the vanity or sink. Easily attach to the wall using the no trace stickers.

The RV bathroom storage organizer can be just as easily removed to be cleaned. The cup holders hold the cups upside down so they can dry. Being just 9 inches wide, a little over 5 inches tall, and almost 4 inches deep, this organizer will help keep you organized and save precious space in your RV bathroom.


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7. Simple Houseware 2 Tier Sliding Cabinet Basket Organizer

This organizer with two drawers is great for helping you to organize your bathroom vanity. The unit is 14” long by 8” wide and 12 ¾” high, which is small enough not to take up a lot of space but big enough to store your small stuff. The two baskets, six ¾” wide, are on sliding rails, making access to the contents simple.

The bottom shelf can hold 8” tall items, and the top shelf can hold any size items depending on the space in which it is used.  Constructed of metal, you don’t have to worry about the unit cracking or breaking easily. Can be used inside the vanity and hidden out of sight. The company makes several different varieties so finding a combination for your needs should be easy.

Last we will look at items for general storage in your RV bathroom. If you do have a bigger RV bathroom by chance, then most likely you have given up space somewhere else.  These items may help you store additional camping items you may need.


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8. KES Swing Out Towel Bar 5-Bar Folding Arm Swivel Hanger Bathroom Storage Organizer

The KES swing out towel bar is an excellent solution for hanging towels in the RV bathroom. With five 13 inch bars that swing independently, this organizer can replace the towel bar that can only hold one towel. Don’t need to hang that many towels, no problem, they also offer two through six arm sizes.

Made of stainless steel, you don’t have to ever worry that the unit might rust. Each bar offers a tip at the end of the rod to keep towels from slipping off.  You could attach this organizer to the inside of the sink cabinet to hold hand towels. Attach on the RV outside for hanging wet clothes or towels after a day out in the water. Holds more than just towels and could be used for anything you might need to hang in the RV.

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9. Delta Children Four Pocket Over the Door Organizer

Though the name contains the word children, this organizer can be used in many ways to keep your RV storage manageable. You can hang it over a door with the included hooks, or if you have no doors in the RV, you can hang it directly on a wall using the built-in grommets and provided hardware.

Please note that if you use the hooks included to hang over the top of the door, the organizer might hang higher than you want it to. This organizer measures 13” wide, 3 ½” deep, and 36” tall and has four pockets that are 7” deep.  The organizer has subtle polka dots with contrasting colors. It comes in a variety of colors that you can match to any space in your RV.  Hang on the bathroom door to hold towels, or hang on the bedroom door, if you are lucky enough to have a bedroom door, and you have an instant dresser to store your clothes. So many possible uses for your storage needs.

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Some of these items could be hung, if required, with command strips, so you don’t damage the wall and have extra strength. This is just a small list of items you can use to help organize your RV bathroom. The key to getting the most out of your small space is to find items that first fit into the space you have. Second, the item must work for your needs. After all, if it doesn’t work for your needs, then no sense having it.  I hope this helps you to get ready, out the door, and start your great camping adventures.  Happy trails! Be sure to check out the RV Kitchen Gadgets | Top 10 Best Kitchen Gadgets To Buy Now



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